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Speaker Speaks

November 4, 2010

Details of Pledge to America Released by Speaker-Elect

The talking points to America—

1. All legislation rolled back to and including the Magna Carta.
2. Burial insurance to replace health care monstrosity.
3. Constitution pruned to original text, unamended, except for 2nd A. which will be pasted into the preamble.
4. Women’s Rights to Stay at Home (can’t vote, but can form a militia).
5. No-Sex marriage.
6. Abortion only in case of Democratic spawn.
7. Taxation of the wealthy made voluntary–more of a contribution, really, so deductible
8. All immigration considered illegal (turn the Statue of Liberty inward).
9. Take up fight against global cooling.
10. Miranda rights limited to wearing bowl of fruit on head, eliminate death tax on habeas corpus.