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All the News That Isn’t for 11-21-11

November 21, 2011

Supercommittee comes up with $23 and change from the couch cushions. That leaves 1.2 trillion still unaccounted for.

The Supercommittee was not able to exceed the speed of light despite numerous attempts. The good news–looks like a really big turkey for Thanksgiving.

President Obama caves on Indonesian silly shirts.

Herman Cain gets secret service to protect him from himself.

Cain came under fierce attack after confusing Libya with Latoya.

Godfathers does not want Herman back unless he has his own car and can work weekends.

Cain talks about himself in the third person and Perry in the second. Of three.

Perry was only able to name 2 of the 3 surviving Munchkins.

Romney Massachusetts governor records buried in the Mormon repository in Utah. And there is no Freedom of Information act in the Celestial Kingdom.

White House shooter thinks he is Tim Tebow.

Demi unfollows Ashton, follows Justin.

President Obama to send troops to Australia in light of Tasmanian Devil threat.

Myanmar admits it’s Burma. Because Myanmar Shave does not work.

Nude Egyptian blogger gives Nefertiti bad name.

Benetton withdraws ad of Herman Cain thrusting hand under Pope’s cassock.

Occupants leave savannah for caves, will eventually evolve into street people.
Newt: he’s white he’s right and he’s ready.

Penn State goes to no huddle offense.

Catholics buy Crystal Cathedral, will hang curtains.

Latter Day Saints roll out the “You’re a Mormon No-Tags Back” campaign.

Authorities now believe Natalie Wood was thrown off the boat for singing “I Feel Pretty” once too often.

Chlamydia least popular girls name in 2011.

6 year old playing doctor accused of Medicare fraud.

Mario Brothers sworn in as Italy’s new prime ministers.

And here in Wisconsin, if e-coli can be found on Governor Walker he can be recalled immediately . . .

. . . that’s All The News That Isn’t . . .