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Katy Perry Super Bowl Audible and All the News That Isn’t

February 2, 2015


Super Bowl goal line pick was an audible called by Katy Perry.
That button hook always worked for us in alley play.
A lot of blame for the call–how soon folks forget Seahawk’s coach Pete Carroll’s brilliant bounce-off-defender -on-your-back-bobble-catch call.
Actually was supposed to be a faked field goal.
Poor Russell Wilson has not stopped flagellating himself.
Groundhog Day means the Katy Perry halftime show will keep repeating.

Ted Cruz calls the White House says he wants his drone back.
Actually a government worker–you know how it is, drinking all night, it’s 3 AM, you’re in the civil service, just got this cool drone.
Dude didn’t think in that condition he could personally hop the White House fence.
Not, as first thought, Amazon Prime Delivery.

Mike Huckabee compares being gay to drinking because he’s only gay when he drinks.

Facebook goes down gets 500 million likes.

Mitt Romney had to choose between losing another presidential bid and losing Ann.
The Romney money headed toward the La Jolla estate.

Jeb Bush fills the Romney void with a 5% approval rating–that’s the percentage of the population part of the Bush clan.
Bushes are old school and believe in inherited titles.

Our own Scott Walker scores high with people who’ve never met him.
Or heard any Walker wisdom, e.g. Reagan firing the air traffic controllers led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Apparently an uncontrolled plane crashed into the Berlin Wall.

Chemists find a way to unboil an egg; making an omelet without cracking one remains elusive.

Obama approval ratings rise in red states when folks believe he nominated Loretta Lynne for Attorney General, fall when they learn it’s Loretta Lynch.

Half of all Americans think the other half is responsible for climate change.
You know, the exhalers, the wind-passers. The ones with the big carbon feet.

Bruce Jenner reportedly transitioning to a man.

New species of dinosaur found in Canada dubbed the Hosersaurus.

Genetically modified consumers have no problem with genetically modified produce.

Here in Wisconsin, Governor Walker will cut UW Madison’s budget by $300 million unless they award him a BS.
The governor said professors should work as hard as legislators, as much as 34 days per year.

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