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All the News That Isn’t for 2-27-12

February 27, 2012

Man, I wish I would’ve kept my Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy’s.

The first J.K. Rowling adult book is out, Receding Potter and the Passing of the Stone.

Silent film star wins best actor when no one realizes he’s French.

Time to start thinking in terms of quarts of gas. Buck and a quarter gas is cheap!

When they start asking for 5 gallons of Obama you’ll know he’s in trouble on this gas thing.

The President did open up the south lawn of the White House to drilling.

With Maryland, 8 states all can marry; 48 conceal and carry.

After the veto, people in New Jersey will have to make the drive to New Hampshire like Vito in the Sopranos to get her done.

In the NBA, Lin some lose some. It ain’t Harvard.

In baseball, time will tell how Ryan Braun does without the sesame seed bagels.

A guy who looks like he plays softball for the Crystal Corner Tavern suddenly most valuable player. I’m just saying.

Sarah Palin finally takes the bridge to nowhere. Goes wee-wee-wee-wee all the way home.

There are two Americas and neither wants to see the John Edwards sex tape. That would be the VHS labeled “Don’t muss my hair!”

Sears–where’s Roebuck when you need him?

Sears now says lose or break your Craftsman tool–the hell with you.

In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg keeps tabs on Muslims while Jews and Congregationalists run free.

Romney plays down Mexican heritage in Arizona debate.

Santorum goes Reagan-lite.

The difference between Santorum and Reagan is Reagan didn’t call the US the evil empire.

Santorum apparently was a senator at one time, but so was Caligula’s horse. And the horse had a lot of ‘splaining to do about its record before being put out to pasture.

Gingrich down to promising 2 dollar a gallon gas and a free set of dishes with a fill up.

President Obama throws a fast ball right down the middle of the plate with “It’s easy to make phony promises.” Right in the old wheelhouse.

Introducing iPad3–with wings!

Google Googles self creating infinite loop of doom.

Pope confesses gay marriage not the birth control he was thinking of.
The priesthood, that’s the ticket.

Life immeasurably better after Dow hits 13,000.

Endangered Sandhill crane season coming to New Wisconsin–and yes, the ultralight aircraft in the lead is fair game . . .

. . . That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .