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The (In Their) Sixties Generation

January 12, 2011

The (In Their) Sixties Generation Rallying Cries

–Power to the Propecia!
–If it feels good, I’d be surprised.
–Hell, no, I can’t go!
–We are the grandparents our parents warned us about.
–Make love not snore.
–Go with the Flomax.
–Tune in, turn it up, drop off.
–What if they gave a colonoscopy and nobody came?
–This is the dawning of the age of thin-hairius.
–Don’t do it.
–Give Paxil a chance.
–Hairy kishkas, kiskas hairy.
–Lucky to Be Here Now.
–Question his authority.
–A woman without a man is like living in Sun City.
–Don’t trust anyone of any age.