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On the Sanctity of iPhones

February 26, 2016

Letter to the Tech Editor:

Farhood Manjoo, writing in ‘State of the Art,’ New York Times (2-15-2016) warns the digital sky will fall should Apple violate “a phone that it had promised users was inviolable,” a warranty which, unless it’s implied, has to be buried deep in the myriad font 6 user agreements. Most of us, terrorists aside, missed the offer entirely. Apple’s is an unprecedented guarantee–even Ivory soap will only go 99 44/100%. Meanwhile, the ISIS PX in Mosul can’t keep the i6 Plus (gold) in stock, and you know the IS IT boys have to keep inveighing against backing up your phone to Apple Cloud, what with clouds being what they are. Even a mass murderer’s property is secure against illegal search and seizure unless there is probable cause for doing so, which the majority of us not tech writers find in the slaughter of 14 people.