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Election Night in Dairyland

April 6, 2011

Election Night in Dairyland (condensed)

Like one of those downloads that freezes at 99%
May have to dive for some of the late returns in Lake Wausau.
Comes down to a couple on 13th & Rosecrans in Wausau holding the fate of the free world in their hands.
What with the big turnout and all had to go to paper ballots.
I enjoy a nice hand counted ballot.
Dane Co totals are in and McGovern won handily.
The way I see it it all depends whether you make Abbotsford or Colby your bellwether.
Menards vote turns out to be crucial in Eau Claire.
If it’s a tie they could job share.
Pisses me off because I know I reminded 585 people to vote today.
In her first decision Justice Kloppenburg says she’s going home.