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Remember learning experiences? Hi, I’m Michael Feldman of the Whad’ya Know Podcast.

Used to have learning experiences all the time, right, some of which you didn’t need to learn.

But, it was an experience.

Podcasting is like that, both the act of committing one, and the figuring out how the heck you get one.

Now, our kids think nothing of it. Or much else. Certainly mine don’t think about me as much as they could.

But all this Podcasting business for them is second nature, while, for us, in my mother’s words, “it’s a whole to-do.”

Please listen to this public service message which can help you join the wonderful world of content piped directly into your head through the magic of the Podcast, and, particularly, the Whad’ya Know Podcast.

Pod Much, You?

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One Comment on “Whad’ya Know Podcast Hard Sell”

  1. Sam McCown Says:


    Thank God you’re back!

    I enjoy your show so much I was looking for old rebroadcasts and ran across your new podcast!

    The Whad’ya Know show is a weekly ritual for me while I work.

    ♫♪ Excellent News you have all returned! ♫♪

    Sam McCown


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