Feldman Q and A : Feldmangate

Q:  So, no reruns of Whad’ya Know?

A:  No, they said they already had a dead guy on weekends.

Q: Click?

A: No Clack, I believe.

Q: So how many reruns would that not be?

A: Well, had to use a logarithm, but averaging downward we came up with 1178 shows, although Lyle has a slightly higher figure, but that’s just Lyle (Anderson).

Q: Certainly there must be some value in all those shows, in mass alone.

A: Yes, according to Einstein. Well, one man’s legacy is another’s shmegacy.

Q: Are you saying that Wisconsin Public Radio does not recognize or value the Epic Odyssey that was Whad’ya Know?

A: Are you saying that? I never used the words Epic Odyssey. Redundant, anyway.

Q: But Feldmangate?

A: Gotta call it something. Always room for another -gate.

Q: You were heard to say you were being ‘disappeared,’ I believe.

A: Well, you know comedy and tragedy–always butting masks.

I was surprised that there would be no reruns even on the Olde Timey Radio Hour, and somewhat flummoxed, if one can be somewhat flummoxed, that there would be no archive available of Whad’ya Know shows (a project I’ve been working on for a while, having digitalized WYK up to 1996, a start) but that’s just me.

Anyway, after June 25, 2016, scrubbed–nothing in the fossil record.

Q: Which explains the Kim Jong Un remark.

A: Yes–being treated like Kim Jong’s Uncle.  You know, stand here while we get the howitzer.

Q: Why the total lack of regard not just for you but for your audience?

A: I don’t know, but if 2400 hours of tape end up in the vacant Atari hole at Alamogordo, NM, it can only increase their value to posterity.

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