The Feldmans Annual Report for 2015

2015 for the Feldmans not the best of years, not the worst of years although it was a tale of two cities. A good year, even if it did start out with the passing of our dear puggle, Tina, in January, 10 years after little Ellie said she needed something to love, someTHING, so it couldn’t be US, it had to be a puggle, and the puggle had to be Tina, who, of course, turned out to be someone and not a thing at all, someone we now miss every day.
Largely to keep Dad, Tina’s pet, from brooding, we soon adopted Bella, a poogle, which is like a puggle only with poo in front, sight unseen from an Amish farm (you know the Amish and cameras) and she turned out to be love at first bite. “From Amish to Jewish,” Ellie likes to say, “and very much the ish.” Whatever that means.
Professionally, Whad’ya Know celebrated 30 years on the air, which comes to at least 1,080 shows, 796 of which weren’t too bad. Awards galore in 2015 for WYK include the coveted Mr. Peabody award from boy Sherman, the Genius Award, which turned out to be ironic, and a bar chip–good for one cocktail– from Schmidty’s in La Crosse, east of K-mart on Hwy 33. Naturally, Michael would do it all even without the recognition, but, come on, Schmidty’s.
The girls, I mean the young women, are doing great–Ellie, already in the record books as the first real estate agent to still be living at home, added a second first: the first agent with her own agency, the self-named Ellie Feldman Realty, still living at home. Not saying she’s good at her job, but if she keeps on selling houses at this rate one of them is bound to be ours, and we’ll be out on the street. At the very least we might have to ask her for rent, retroactive to middle school.
Nora spent her junior year not at the conveniently-located-10 blocks-away-highly- regarded-University of Wisconsin, but, rather, at the mas o menos Universidad de Sevilla, inconveniently located, as the name suggests, in Sevilla, Spain, although quite convenient to the aeropuerto where flights to all major cities in Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa can be had for something to do on weekends to drive your hanging by a Skype parents loco. You know, at a certain age you have to stop worrying about them, but I haven’t reached that age yet. Last year Nora spent time in Peru and Nicaragua, and now just needs 17 countries in Central and South America to complete her dream of total Latin domination.
Should people ask I say I have one real estate agent and one Latina, so you never know how they’ll turn out.
Sandy is much the same, even more so, still doin’ PT and lovin’ it, still with the same therapist joke–“therapist: the-rapist, get it?” which may be why she rarely sees a patient a second time. Or maybe she’s just that good.
Well, gotta go–Bella wants to go to bed and won’t unless I’m curled up at the foot.
That’s The Feldmans for 2015–31 years of marriage, 30 of radio–and one of ’em went just like that!
A tu salud, Papa Feld

The Feldmans

The Feldmans


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  1. Sudz Terkel Says:

    Great pic of a great family; you all look to be enjoying each other’s company, which is what good families do.


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