Putting the Pot Back in Chipotle and All the News That Isn’t


Paris climate talks agree on sunny with a high of 72.

Whole climate thing will be moot once Washington is at the bottom of the Potomac.

Drinking good for Alzheimer’s patients who can remember where they hid the bottle.

Trump and Mothra last 2 Republican candidates standing.

Consumer sediment rises to 4 year high.

Millennials willing to fight ISIS with Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

Millennials believe the American Dream is dead and mom and pop don’t look so good either.

New laser car cameras can see around corners so you can time your collisions so he gets the worst of it.
Just barely brush the pants of pedestrians crossing the street.

Beijing smog red alert–actually, they’ve had hundreds this was just the first one they could see.
So, really, things are looking up in Beijing.

Trump cancels Israel trip after Netanyahu not anti-Muslim enough for him.
Some say it was really because Trump Wailing Wall fell through.

23 Syrian refugees have 30 million Texans holed up in the Alamo.

VW says that only a small group of underlings was responsible for the Third Reich.

Chipotle takes the responsibly raised Montezuma’s revenge off the menu.
They’re putting the pot back in Chipotle.

Study finds that not only does happiness not make you live longer it makes you feel a lot worse about dying.

Cubs trade for the entire St. Louis Cardinals.

Fiat/Chrysler fined $70 million by the oxymoron police.

Antibiotic use on farms up despite Holstein promises to kick.

Some prairie voles are wired for monogamy some aren’t; no big moral deal, according to the Prairie Vole Companion.

Study on direction giving finds the best way to give directions is to not start with “I’m not from around here.”
When using landmarks in your directions make sure they’re still there: never “take a quick right just before where the silo used to be.”
If you have no idea, the time to mention it is at the beginning.
“Never heard of GPS?” is always rude.

Frank Sinatra would be 100 today had he not done it his way.

Urine-powered wireless socks no longer a dream.

That’s All the News That Isn’t

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