George Zimmerman Shot in Head So He’s Fine and All the News That Isn’t


At the University of Wisconsin commencement Katie Couric pleads with future Epic workers who will soon have complete access to her colorectal files.
Mitt Romney lasts 2 against Evander Holyfield, next up: Romney v Mayweather.
Financial analysts give Floyd slight advantage.

Hillary drops Bill from ticket.

Beating the Bushes for Iraq:
Jeb Bush would have invaded Iraq
Neil bush says he’s in
Dorothy Bush a big yes
Robin Bush: I’m there
Marvin wouldn’t miss it for the world
Kyle Busch–‘a no-brainer’
Reggie Bush, as long as he doesn’t have to go
Billy Bush if he can take his La Crosse stick
Rapper Sammie Bush all up in it
Russian porn star Helena Bush, a couple of big ‘da’s!
Kristen Bush who played Rachel in Good Wife needs the work
And Johnny Bush already has written the fight song to the tune of “What Made Milwaukee Famous.”

George Zimmerman shot in the head so he’ll be fine.

Verizon buys AOL to own the cell dial-up market. You’ve got meh.
Tom Brady looks like he’s had all the air squeezed out of . . . . . . him.
At least he’ll have some time for a needy supermodel wife.

Increasing number of Americans do not pickup when Jesus calling.

Only 11 accidents so far with driverless cars, but all the result of driverless road rage.
Many of what were thought driverless cars actually urban youth low-riding.
Personally, I’m waiting for the self-insuring car.

Vatican recognizes Palestine will establish gift shop.

Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold will try to recover his Senate seat, but can’t decide on leather or something a little more breathable.
Would you really want a seat Ron Johnson’s been sitting in for 5 years?

With the departure of Harry Shearer on the Simpsons, Charles Koch will voice Mr. Burns and David Koch Smithers.
Donald Trump is God.
And, a surprise pick, Bill Cosby is the new Principal Skinner.

Exercise gives the elderly another 5 years, but for what?

Even Bad coffee is good for you.
But if you’re drinking too much coffee, take pro-oxidants.

Rick Perry has until June 4th to find his glasses for a really big announcement.

Ramadi Province in Iraq now red state.

Political analysts say Syria Isis takeout equivalent of getting the lesser Koch brother.

Russian rocket with a Mexican satellite crashes in Siberia.
Would’ve though a Russian Rocket with a Mexican satellite was a sure bet.
Nice to know all those missiles pointed at us would’ve fallen on themselves.

President Obama calls a Gulf Summit and only two guys from Gulfport show up.
GOP says President Obama denying grenade launchers to local police grounds for impeachment.

Former Governor Scott Walker denied visa upon return to Wisconsin.
Fortunately found a place in the barn for him in near Keokuk.

Thanks to concussions all is forgiven between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

In Wisconsin, big Walker cuts partially restored for manure runoff and Wisconsin Public Broadcasting.
Wasn’t too bad here–only cut the ‘l’ out of Public Radio ,. .

That’s All the News That Isn’troad_ready_small

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