New England Patriot Act and All the News That Isn’t


Patriot Act now New England Patriot Act: you can collect a guy’s data but you can’t deflate a guy’s balls.

Announcing his candidacy, Mike Huckabee vows to plant the double-wide in Michelle’s veggie garden.

Hey, neighbors, y’all hold your next offensive event at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, and we’ll throw in the perimeter defense at no cost to y’all.

Galaxy 13 billion light-years away hardly worth thinking about.

Next up on Bravo: on ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout My Jenneration’–Kim tries to understand; Kylie’s lips, Bruce’s everything; and Kaitlyn B Jenner’s epic first Mother’s Day.

Apple Watch gives enthusiasts lover’s rash.

Floyd Mayweather wants 200 million to fight a two-armed fighter.

Winning UK Prime Minister Cameron’s call for a Greater Britain brings calls for a Uniteder States and a Democraticer Peoples Republicer of Korea.
With a Kim Jonger Un.

Whole Foods aims for the Millennials with Lowered Expectations Foods.

Self-driving big rig semi tractors will intermittently eject 2 liter soda bottles of urine on Interstate shoulders.

Unfortunately, the stabbed, robbed pizza guy took 31 minutes to get there, so, on top of everything else, the pizza was free.

Brewers first team in majors to lose 20, but, heck, played almost 30.

Clinton Heifer Foundation under scrutiny.

Alberta is a province in Canada.

With only one year of high school Spanish (and that at Delavan-Darien) Scott Walker falls behind Rubio and Cruz into tres place for nomination.

So, Rubio gets a Miami Dolphins cheerleader wife and to be President? Ay yi yi yi!

That’s All the News That Isn’tdownload

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