Ted Nugent Kennedy Center Honors and All the News That Isn’t


First snow big enough to get a Weather Channel name but did A have to be Armageddon?

Still haven’t told Joe Biden the election results.
Or that the exploratory committee won’t be necessary.

President Obama hosts Congressional leaders in the post-election Hunger Games on the South Lawn.
Michelle will be handling the bow and arrow.

Some good news for the Dems–contributions are now considered charitable.

Mitch McConnell lockjawed into Cheshire Cat smile.
Or maybe it’s the Four Roses smiling.
His ladies-head-for-the-exits smile.

Meanwhile, Speaker John Boehner is OK after choking on his own spittle.
Bad winner.
Young bucks will be putting him out to stud.
If it’s not too late.

Always gracious in victory Republicans lining up to kick the fallen Obama.
House floor starting to look like Ferguson, MO.

Republican rapture leaves Scott Brown behind.
Looking for another vacant state.

A-Rod gave his cousin a million bucks and he still wouldn’t sfu.

Lone grey wolf sighted roaming the north rim of the Grand Canyon, or it might be Barack Obama.

In an interview with Brian Williams Mark Zuckerberg reveals that when he goes to reunions he says he invented Post-Its.

New birth policy in China–with 2 you get egg roll.

Latvia’s foreign minister says he’s gay as the Tim Cook domino effect topples on.
Some rumblings from Lithuania, Estonia and Wyoming.

Ray Rice should take the dumbwaiter.

Everybody and my brother now says they killed Bin Laden.
Room that crowded lucky they got off the shot.

Dallas fans ask “Romo oh Romo wherefore art thou?”

We’ll see what the Justices have under their robes when same sex marriage is thrown in the Supreme Court’s lap.
Pass on Clarence.

Bats can not only jam signals of rival bats they can throttle their bandwidth.

Jihadists are reaching ISIS lines on Carnival Cruise Ships.
If they could see me now!

After the Republican sweep Ted Nugent edges closer to Kennedy Center honors.

Pot approval in DC coinciding with mid-terms no coincidence.
The President’s not smoking cigarettes behind the White House Guard Post.
And neither is the Secret Service.

For his next Chicago high wire challenge Nick Wallenda will attempt to walk over a Bears game.
Why not–everybody else walks over the Bears.
Who knew the Bears were Democrats?
In fairness, Canadian football has gotten a lot tougher.

New ride service out there called Jack–you get to pick the car.

Ten year study which found work dulls the brain took so long because researchers lost interest in it totally.

With the Federal court ruling 4 states out of same-sex marriage, couples may want to plan their honeymoon trips through contiguous states.

President Obama sends secret letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader asking how he does it.

Here in Wisconsin, losing gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke back at the Guangdong Trek office.

The Scott Walker recall got underway Wednesday morning.

Woodcock season ends–get one?

That’s All the News That Isn’tted-nugent

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