Feldmans Chanukah Letter

Annual Feldmans Chanukah Letter November 5, 2014

Oy, what a year! If it wasn’t one thing, it was one other. The girls, knock on wood, are doing great. Ellie graduated mid year (she couldn’t wait until spring–so hard it is to stall for another semester?) from the UW, with honors, if I might add, although in something called Human Ecology. I get Human & I get Ecology, what I don’t get is Human Ecology. What, a landscape littered with humans? With this you can make a living? Human Ecologist Wanted I have yet to see in the help wanteds. But she’s very bright, not to brag, and very hard-working and she’ll find something even if it doesn’t involve humans or ecoscapes. With her personality and brains, and my money, she can’t miss.
Nora, the younger one, is finishing up her second year, already, can you believe, also at the UW. This one, as well on the honor roll, just saying, in Communication Arts, which would seem to cover just about everything, including, I shouldn’t wonder, Human Ecology or at least that part which is communicated. Most recently she messaged she is getting her “digital arts certificate” which has got to be a good thing in the digital arts age. With the writing and the film, also, this one, a screenplay, loosely based on our family in which the father was an endearing & humorous character, and the mother referred to with the b word, and I don’t mean b’nai b’rith. What can I say, you can’t stop the creative ones from depicting life as they see it.
Speaking of the better half, the highlight of my wife’s year I would say was jury duty, perfect for a classic adjudicator. If there were such a thing as judge & jury duty they could call her for that full time. At work now, in the physical therapy department, they have to wear tee’s with their names on the pockets and she says she feels more like a crew chief than a health care professional. The upside is that she no longer faces the constant sartorial challenges with only the black slacks and Marshall’s tops to worry about. Not sure if they let her wear the crocs still.
As for me, when this doesn’t hurt, that does, and vice versa. Still waiting for one thing to get better and, you know me, always the optimist, I think it could be 2015 or 16. Really wondering what it will be. Not the eyes I don’t think. Still hear my mother’s voice, asking are you still working, and, yes, mom, I am, and still getting the feeling she doesn’t believe me. A spotty work history I had for many years, granted, and mom not considering driving cab or radio a real job, and I’m beginning to think she was right. Probably I should have had something to fall back on, eggs and baskets, as mom used to say, but, on the other hand, she used to say one back scratches the other.
Well, looking back it actually has been a much better year than I remember it being while in progress, and I am very grateful for that, and for the love and friendship of friends and family and forbearance of others.
Many boruchas and gizunts to you all for the coming year from all of us,


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