Four Horsemen & All the News That Isn’t


World student performance scores show Chinese students are just as smart in china. Where, by the way, they don’t ruin the curve for everybody else.

Glad for the Jewish kids–takes all the pressure off them for screwing up the curve.

Chinese air space has been extended to Grant Avenue, San Francisco, California, USA.  Bong bong you’re in Hong Kong.

Joe Biden orders Chinese in China. Each night he took the Amtrak back home to Delaware.

Then it was on to South Korea for Joe. Not much progress, but saved a bunch on a Kia.

House considers whether living with your uncle an impeachable offense.

May depend on the uncle.

Omar smiles once in a while he doesn’t have nearly the trouble.

The President did not reverse himself on this or he would’ve said he lived with his Aunt.

Notre Dame sues over Obamacare birth control mandate because the Four Horsemen ride bareback. Want to join the Big 10, better suit up guys.

The Amazon drone: because you just can’t get the crap fast enough.

Just wait for the Amazon V-2–60 second delivery.

Und den Bezos vill rull de vorld!

Comet Ison latest big nothing. Did you learn nothing from Icarus? Too close! Too close! The wax! The wax!

Herpetologists find the python is able to swallow huge prey because it’s so hungry it could eat a horse. Plus it’s almost impossible for a python to push back from the table.

Being fat and fit under dispute but it’s still worth the effort.

Colder and increasing Chinese air space this evening in most parts of the country.

Kim Jong Un fires his uncle–every boy’s dream!

White House says it’s fine with the name “Obamacare,” but has a bit of a problem with “Husseincare.”

Good news is not only is the website good to go, you can play PlayStation4 games on it. Trying to attract younger insurees.

Amazon says it will offer drone delivery in Pakistan.

In Hollywood, up to 27 shades of grey, but production has pretty much slowed to a crawl. Can’t seem to keep a male lead.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson expresses fear of Iran developing a nuclear bomb; Iran expresses no such fear about Ron Johnson.

Men and women’s brains wired differently makes headlines.

It’s like Christmas lights–some are just better than others.

Gene for excessive alcohol drinking found just outside of Stephens Point. That would be Plover.

Male contraceptive found: they’re calling it “beer.” Long overdue.

Hubble telescope detects water, infers mildew on 5 alien planets.

Neanderthals not only organized their living spaces, they practiced feng shui.

Consumers warned about fake knockoff Oscar de la Renta designer sperm.

Next for NBC after “The Sound of Music Live!” is “The Sound of Music Undead!”

If chimps are legal persons I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Milwaukee man leaves fake bomb at bank he robs, takes real bomb home with him.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has some feeling in his career.

The Packers are still very much in the draft pick hunt.

Presidential hopeful Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Christmas letter suggests giving money to him instead of buying presents for the kids–

The Gov Who Stole Christmas!

That’s All the News That Isn’t

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    Well done Michael. I really dug the Stevens Point joke.


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