Alec Baldwin Seatmate & All the News That Isn’t


Rather my seatmate had a box-cutter than an iPhone.

If they allow cell phones on planes it will be like sitting next to Alec Baldwin on every flight.

Not just the inane conversations, it’s the Zombie Farms, the Smurfs Villages, the Calls of Tiny Little Duty.

Gamers with imaginary assault weapons take Xbox One by force.

Samsung has to apologize to for copying Apple and yet Kia says not a word to Fisher-Price.

3700 year old wine found in Israel just peaking. 1697 BC was a very good year.

Young Californians flock to Obamacare in case they don’t pass the audition.

Male Y chromosome has been furloughed.

NRA takes no position on JFK incident.

More teens pursuing gladiators after Hunger Games Catching Fire.

Sometimes seems like Jennifer Lawrence is the only good thing in my life. And it’s enough.

Dated a Katniss once. Didn’t work out, what with all the cats.

Dylan video reveals “Like a Rolling Stone” really about The Price is Right.

Wisconsin Governor Walker’s book tour for “Profiles in Carnage” continues. Cutting a swath like General Sherman.

Rifles, bb guns and paint guns allowed for deer season this year in Wisconsin. Shoot ‘em if you got ‘em.

China’s knockoff stealth drone good, but ½ hour later you feel like another drone.

New hydrogen car the Graf Hyundai.

Only a question of which burns brighter, the hydrogen Hyundai or the Tesla S.

Doctors say Alzheimer’s like having holes in your roof, recommend bucket of tar and push broom.

Costco apologizes for labeling Bibles fiction. Fiction or not Bibles way cheaper by the case at Costco.

Handful of nuts good for you, just like dad used to say, only in Yiddish.

The nuked Senate will take half-life of 5,000 years to be gridlocked again.

Tea Party Republican Trey Radel of Florida says he thought it was baby laxative, which he has a prescription for.

FDA now looking into what Tea Party means by Tea.

That’ll teach George Zimmerman’s girlfriend to wear a hoodie.

Adam Levine named sexiest Levine.

Packers unable to break the tie that binds them, and

For Thanksgiving this year a lot of guys are 3D printing their Turducken . . .

That’s All the News That Isn’t

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