all the tweets that aren’t

sc exit polls find voters would rather date sanford than colbert’s sister
secret negotiations to trade kim jong un ps4’s for nukes
if he keeps nipping they may have to put karzai to sleep
why doesn’t europe pick on a bank its own size?
400 lb 7 foot ancient fish speaks to the size of ancient fishermen
office march madness could aid productivity or at least not hurt it any
women still do majority of housework but today’s man cleans a lot more than eisenhower
a lot of people think cyprus is where legoland is
obama library in hawaii? that’s convenient
lulus see through yo ga pants
tsa now requiring lulus yoga pants
think the wife is hard try finding something for iraq on 10th anniversary
iraq never took to liberation like france did
march in like a lion out like a lion
tea party & rnc fight for republican lack of soul
this is winter storm enough already
called a winter wonderland because you wonder why you stay
the winter of our disconnect
getting the grade c flake now so it shouldn’t be much longer
this is odd the snow is starting to fall up
much more & I’m going to clamp on the skis–that can only be bad
I’m thinking a snow blowing flash mob
I go to the roof it’s to jump not to shovel
snow shoveling postponed due to inclement weather
not sure if I’m snowed in or snowed out
a smoke & a big gulp shall never pass the lips of mayor bloomberg
at popes inaugural beyonce lip syncs don’t cry for me, argentina
al gore pointedly omitted from the queen elizabeth prize for creating the internet
just imagine what slim gates would be like
one thing about the bates motel though the bathrooms were sparkling
hi, norman? I’m afraid there’s no shower curtain in the bathroom
our cruise ship? why, we’re on the carnival cyprus bank holiday
straw poll shows rand paul filled with straw
some believe walker/ryan ticket would open 7th seal of apocalypse
hillary clinton supports gay marriage, now just a question of finding a good fit
funny, cyprus was the one thing I wasn’t worried about
in ncaa it’s ole miss vs ole wiss
someday soon you will not only own a drone but be able to declare your neighbor a terrorist
ted cruz’s ‘count me a proud wacko bird’ could be a turning point
pope francis is old school, will type & mimeo his social media
as a franciscan the pope is more gate than balcony
sarah palin brought down the cpac house with her impersonation of julianne moore
looking forward to president paul’s 12 hr inaugural address
at the top & bottom of the food chain, the giant sea cucumber uses its rear end as a second mouth
that’s all the tweets that aren’t . . .

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