All the News That Isn’t


Asteroid misses Hartford by 17,490 miles, Slinger by 17,492.

When your dog barks at an asteroid you know it came close.

Koch brothers hoping for an asteroid hit so they could mine it.

In shocking finale, Downtown Abbey ends on ambiguous note in New Jersey diner.

Tiger Woods tells President Obama nice to see you play well again.

Time again, already, for the annual Carnival Survivors Cruise.

First sequester, then spring break.

Hopefully, Congress will be the first of the automatic cuts.

Adjusting to Gay Olympics now the only alternative for Olympic wrestlers when sport dropped.

President Obama has prepared an alternative immigration plan under which immigrants leave the country.

More users observed taping 2 iPhones together for bigger screen.

Lot of folks have been fooled by the iFaux.

French introduce 3D horsemeat printer.

To come out of bankruptcy Readers Digest will shrink its articles to 140 characters and renew itself as Tweeters Digest.

Brewer Ryan Braun arrives in camp a bit late after stopping to pick up a prescription in Miami.

Manti Te’o has been dropped by his internet provider.

40,000 protestors tell Washington to get fracked.
Won’t be long before it’s back to having to pick out an outfit for Pope Benedict.

New Beyonce special on HB0: Life is But a sfu.

Dental calculus is not plaque, it’s used to figure how much they can sock you for.

Tough one—divorce Kim Kardashian or play in the NBA playoffs?

Wisconsin Governor Walker’s 1% education increase means milk money for public schools and cream for charters, and

Knut the polar bear: only the first in a disturbing trend of stuffed celebrities?

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .


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