All the News That Isn’t


So what if Beyonce lip-synched? What lips!

You try singing over the Marine Band. Not the harmonica, the whole band!

A House committee is looking into whether lip-synching is an impeachable offense.

Turns out Katie Couric is Manti Te’O’s fake girlfriend. Could’ve been worse–could’ve been Bill O’Reilly.

North Korea claims it has a workable Ding Dong and a Ho Ho capable of reaching the US.

John Kerry windsurfs during his confirmation hearing.

Not a single participant flies economy to the World Economic Forum.

Wall Street bobbing for Apple Stock.

Apple will turn this around with a bigger, cheaper iPhone the iSamsung Galaxy.

The new Happy Ending Republican party debuts with Reince Priebus happy talkin’ talkin’ happy talk.

Everybody and his brother now expects to coach in the NFL.

How can 2 brothers plan a Super Bowl when they can’t even agree on Thanksgiving? If it’s that hard to get to Mequon once a year, how about Thiensville?

The Chicago Allouettes–formerly da Bears–won’t be making it to the Super Bowl any time soon, but they’re a shoo-in for the Grey Cup. Providing the Argonauts and the Stampeders don’t get there first.

Hillary Clinton bangs head on table to make point at Benghazi hearing.

Hillary has been cleared for combat duty.

House passes the Wimpy “gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” bill.

Next on North Korea’s hit list: Freedonia. Then, the Grand Duchy of Fenwick,

And, Sarah Palin, dropped by Fox, picked up by the Home Shopping Network . . .

. . . That’s All the News That Isn’t.
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