Tina’s Puggleisms

Tina’s Puggleisms

1.Don’t kid youself there’s a lot of food value in poop. And boy is it yummy.
2. Dad says I’d be a great shortstop if I could figure out how to throw the ball. Ha dad.
3. I feel more pug than beagle except I can do the yapping and prancing around thing which is pure beagle.
4. Never met a dog I didn’t like unless it’s Yitzhak the German Shepherd next door. Dad calls him Himmler.
5. A really good treat goes right outside. Just how I feel about it.
6. Snowballs. Cause when you get them you can eat them.
7. My mouth is only 7/8 as big as a tennis ball or I’d get more on a fly.
8. No I didn’t have any doggie dreams and I wish he’d stop asking.
9. Yeah, I like being the only dog. Come on.
10. Love wading, hate swimming, will if I have to.
11. Door was scratched up long before I got here.
12. Like it here but get a better offer might take it.
13. Puggles think of their age in people years.
14. How many of these do you want? Treat?
15. Did I mention how yummy poop is?
16. Maybe the only thing I don’t like is a pig’s ear. Pig’s ear does not say treat to me.
17. Nobody ever told me if my birth mother was a pug or a beagle and, while it doesn’t make any difference, I’d sort of like to know.
18. I like the kind 3 dog foods ago.
19. Dad likes it when I hump my bed and mom and the girls don’t and try to stop me. What’s the deal; it’s my bed.
And finally, and I mean that, 20. My butt itches and I’m really tired of having to drag it down a hill to scratch it, mom.

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