The Not So Great Debates of 2012

                                              The Not So Great Debates of 2012





Obama rope-a-dope lets Romney hit him at will as he leans on ropes.


The old pro is stripping the president’s assets.


At this rate little doubt the President will be celebrating next anniversary with Michelle.


Romney makes a pretty good Mona Lisa on Etch a Sketch.


Obama looks like he has someplace to be.


Romney does to Big Bird what Oscar the Grouch has longed to.


Now the President knows how Seamus the setter felt.


Explains why Obama didn’t play much at Hawaii.


Night goes to Mitt Romney and Miguel Cabrera as Romney is the October Surprise.





Binders?  Full of women?


Binders of men seeking binders of women.


Obama slips says Detroit dead bin Laden alive.


Candy Crowley crawls out of binder to fact check Mitt on Benghazi.


Romney was, too, an act of terror moment goes terribly wrong.


Quarantined CNN uncommitted voters decide not to vote at all.


Romney lump of clean coal in every stocking quip falls flat.


Romney 5 point plan the 3 plus the other 2.


Obama whittles Romney 5 point plant down to 1 which should be a time saver.


Obama comeback kids it with command of unchecked facts and a little help from Candy.






Debate past Bob Schieffer’s bedtime could be factor.


Boca Raton meaning “rat mouth” may be portentous.


Romney reminisces about missing the 1916 Navy when boats were boats.


Obama patiently informs Romney we have boats now that go under the water, and carriers that planes land on.


As Romney considers this, a mounted Obama bayonets him, making Romney’s point for him by proving the obsolete can still be useful.


Romney, dazed, visualizes whirled peas. Says since Obama so good with foreigners maybe could keep that part of the job.


Bayonet gap instantly the new missile gap.


Obama has even more material leftover from the Al Smith dinner he doesn’t use.


80’s calling fine with Romney as long as it’s not about bringing back the tax rates.


Performance results in clearance on all Romney Halloween masks.  


Obamas finally have a moment to celebrate anniversary.







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