All the Non-Wisconsin News That Isn’t

All the Non-Wisconsin News That Isn’t

James Franco remakes Freaks & Geeks at Academy Awards.

Porky Pig accepts for King’s Speech

Cam Newton figs it at NFL combine.

1 in 5 banks finished 2010 with a loss as opposed to 5 in 5 of their clients.

Handwriting on the wall as Ukrainian nurse deserts Khadafy.

The thing is, he’s a Bedouin. They’re nomadic. One morning he–and the goats–will just be gone!

After Khadafy–Khadafy Duck.

The Tripoli Starbucks says it knows nothing about any coffee pills.

Rick Santorum’s mouth moving for no reason.

RNC scientists attempting to splic together Republican presidential candiates to get something halfway decent.

Vatican says no communion for NY Governor Cuomo, living in sin with foodie Sandra Lee–but, surely, a nice wine!

Glenn Dreck says something about the Jews.

Justin Bieber gets haircut, loses magical powers.

Then there’s the country singer, Lady AgAg. That’s fresh meat she’s wearing.

Paul Mc Cartney’s debuts ballet Rocky Raccoon Lake.

iPod 2 has wings, twice the absorbency.

Shuttle Discovery breaks out of earth orbit, goes for it.

English sighting of Loch Ness monster just Charles doing the back float.

Cell phone use stimulates brain cells, although you wouldn’t know it from the conversations.

And the UPS replacement for diesel fuel is big and brown . . .

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