Aggie Tippery, chronicler of Hokah, MN

I was often asked, at one time, who was my favorite person I interviewed in the four score & 7 years on Whad’ya Know and I often would say, well Kurt Vonnegut because he was hilarious and because he was Kurt Vonnegut (whose reason for writing was “So I could feed my Goddamn family”! — do you capitalize God in that usage?) and of course Paula Poundstone when we caught her in with a bag of miniatures in a flight lounge at O’Hare, but.

Sorry just had to end that sentence somehow.

But, by and large, or rather no doubt about, it was Aggie Tippery, from Hokah, MN, she with the sons Tip, Tip, Tip Tip and Grub and husband with the Superman blue eyes, Ivan, who swept her away on his Hog.

And, Aggie’s a great reason to catch the 11-12-2005 La Crosse Whad’ya Know show now playing on the Whad’ya Know Podcast page

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