Trumps on The Road

Election’s not yet even a sure thing and the foreclosures have started


The Chinese are foreclosing on Trump Tower, The Germans on Mar a Lago,

and the Russians on the White House.

Putin’s letting the Bidens keep the furniture and bric a brac–

the Martha Washington plates, the Dolly Madison Zingers, what have you–

anything still remaining  after the Final Days when Trump not only teed-

off  in every room in the White House but soiled Lincoln’s bed pretty bad.

The Trumps hope to be out by Christmas before the circling legal vultures

swoop down.

And these guys are the real deal, not Rudy Giuliani and his pack of Trump

University Pre-Law wanabees.

Once the self-, family & anybody with the scratch pardons are inked,

the von Trumpfs will settle not in the German Alps but, initially,

in a castle/farmette outside of Ljubljana, Slovenia, although Melania’s

parents will stay in the US due to outstanding warrants in the old country.

After that, well, Trump Tower Red Square is out for the disenfranchised

Trumps, but the King Abdulaziz Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has

undergone a rehab identical to what Melania did to the White House–

With that news we bid farewell if not arrivederci to the Family Trump

and their hardy genome from all of us still standing in the States.

Michael Feldman

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