June is Bustin’ Out All Over on Whad’ya Know Podcast!

June is Bustin’ Out All Over on Whad’ya Know Podcast!


June 9–National Geographic’s Daniel Stone spins the amazing yarn of  “The Food Explorer,” David Fairchild, who, in the 1880’s, brought Americans kale from Croatia, lemons from Corsica, Avocados from Chile, nectarines from Afghanistan and Mangoes from Vietnam, giving Americans something to eat beside mutton, beans and taters–and changing the course of history!


June 16–“Our Towns,” a 100,000 mile odyssey across American to re-discover small town American life in this complicated age, undertaken by James and Deborah Fallows who, traveling  over 5 yrs together in a single prop plane, are not only still married, but have recorded some amazing and reassuring stories of American life.






And, on June 23, Manuel Pastor’s “State of Resistance,” the story of California’s rise, fall and resurgence, makes a case for the California experience as a model for America’s future as a compassionate, inclusive and a progressive force in the world.

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