Only 3 WYK @ House Guy’s Own Left!

3 leftCome by the House, even come in, 1215 Drake St, Madison, all non-football Saturdays at 10 am to Noon, all free, but dish required on Dec 16 because we’ll need more than my traditional green been casserole!

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3 Comments on “Only 3 WYK @ House Guy’s Own Left!”

  1. mpalazzola Says:

    I’m flying back to Wisconsin to attend the Dec 16 show. Save me a good seat.


  2. Nancy Says:

    Then what?


  3. Dr. Henry Dorkcyde, PhD Says:

    This simply isn’t fair, I cannot attend due to a slight misunderstanding with various agencies…

    I demand WYK perform live in all 57 states by year’s end. Then you can do the show at my house… but only if you bring donuts. Lots of donuts.

    And cheese. Crackers would be nice, too. And a fine, vintage malt liquor in a 1 liter can. Several of those.

    And a bastard file baked into a cake and a getaway car parked outside the walls.

    Thank you.


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