Men in Love–with apologies to DH Lawrence

    Soon as the cameras left the room they wrestled swiftly, rapturously, intent and mindless at last, two essential white figures working into a tighter closer oneness of struggle, with a strange, octopus-like knotting and flashing of limbs in the subdued light of the room; a tense white knot of flesh gripped in silence between the walls of old brown books. Now and again came a sharp gasp of breath, or a sound like a sigh, then the rapid thudding of movement on the thickly-carpeted floor, then the strange sound of flesh escaping under flesh. Often, in the white interlaced knot of violent living being that swayed silently, there was no head to be seen, only the swift, tight limbs, the solid white backs, the physical junction of two bodies clinched into oneness. Then would appear the gleaming, ruffled head of Donald, as the struggle changed, then for a moment the dun-coloured, shadow- like head of Vladimir would lift up from the conflict, the eyes wide and dreadful and sightless.

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One Comment on “Men in Love–with apologies to DH Lawrence”

  1. eli Says:

    To think, two grown men, spending so much energy crawling around the floor looking for that nickel they heard fall…


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