Great Wall of Menards




Objective: to build the self-called Great Wall of Trump on the southern border of the US with Mexico for a whole lot less than $25 billion.

We’re looking at: a little over 10 million running feet between Tijuana and Matamoros on the Gulf (formerly known as) of Mexico. Allowances will have to be made for terrain, water features, gullies, acts of God and ranchers.


Basket-weave composite 6 foot composite Menards privacy fence panels, so, 6 foot into 10 million, 32 thousand feet is 206 million fence sections @$123/section $205, 656,000 total; you’ll need 67 million posts (but no gates, so that’s a big savings) @ $40/post or $67 million for posts; and post caps @$5 ea, $8 1/2 million; hardware, say $10/section adds $10.7 million; Portland cement, at 10 dollars a bag each post, $16,720,000; unforeseen expenses and breakage–$100 million. Menards said they will throw in a 1,000 post hole diggers for their name on it every so often.

Total Menards Materials–

$409,500,000 for 2,000 mile 6 foot basket weave composite Mexican Wall, posts facing Mexico, a total savings over proposed reinforced concrete wall of 24 billion 999 million 590 thousand and 500 dollars.

Labor: with subcontractor Trump & Sons labor should not be a problem.


Recommendation: You save big money with Menards(r)

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  1. KO Says:

    Ummm, I’m decrepit and I could climb that fence in a hot minute


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