The man who usually always has something to say

The man who always has something to say on raising 20k
Posted by Michael Feldman
You know me, someone says, “Michael, you always have something to say,” I say, ‘ummm…’ but, this time I’m truly speechless at the generosity you all (northern version) have shown in making this ‘podcast thing’ (as I used to call it) come together, right now, and over me! And it’s all from listeners, plus my several bros, who wanted to see the beat go on. Thank you so much, first for telling me what I had to do (get a podcast!) and then putting your money where my mouth is! See, I’m not very good at this. All of us on the show (wait, what’s ‘on’ past tense) are so grateful and excited to be starting up this new edition which we intend to be Whad’ya Know, but in a podcast! A podcast you can come to, and win unicorn finger horses on! One you can watch live on the web and download for later gym use!
Thank you so much for giving us the chance!

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  1. Jim Zach Says:

    I’ve listened for decades, really disappointed in WPR for terminating your program. Want to know when and how to listen to your podcast. Willing to contribute, not sure from your post if you made your financial goal or not.


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