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Hello, I’m Michael Feldman, former host of Michael Feldman’s Whad’ya Know? on Public Radio, and this is my Beag-a Poo Bella, who has never not heard her dad say ‘I’m going to the office, honey, to earn you the treats and high-end kibble you like so much.’ I still say it, of course, but Bella has been turning up her nose at the dog chow and pig ears now the norm in these uncertain days. Hey, I know there are folks and dogs in far worse straits, and that Garrison’s retiring and it looks like it’s going to stick this time, and yes, 31 years is a goodly stretch of time, but, heck, I still have a lot to give, or pretty much. Depends on the day. Anyway, since I have no retirement skills, I thought to try my hand at this new-fangled whad’ya call it, podcasting, which is when, instead of broadcasting to a whole bunch of folks schlepping their kids to soccer or adding softeners to loads from coast to coast, you fill the ear buds of a middle-aged man on an elliptical at the health club hoping to distract from his shortness of breath. Sounds very rewarding on both ends, this podcasting. My hope is to Radiocast–the live excitement of Whad’ya Know audience shows with all their elements and make it downloadable and, like, totally convenient. Because this will cost me money, very nearly all of that earmarked beachfront Belize condo cash, I have Kickstarted ‘Whad’ya Know the Podcast’ on Kickstarter, which is redundant for emphasis, to help out. For pennies a day you can bring Whad’ya New to a set of buds in your ears and the ears of those you love. Please don’t make me run the 6 minute video of this appeal with the sad dog eyes and the panting. And Bella’s, too.


I thank you, and Bella would like you to scratch her belly. 11539608_10204149276124326_1539195957397510413_n

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