Unhackable Plymouth Valiant and All the News That Isn’t


1964 Plymouth Valiant  Dutch -03

Picks a fight with John McCain and kicks Lindsey Grahams butt–Big Bad Don!

Do kinda wonder why Trump had Lindsey Graham’s number.

Agreement with Iran clears way for Trump Tehran Towers.

President Obama’s visit to relatives in Kenya his most daring foreign policy adventure yet.

After hackers take control of a moving Jeep, sales of Plymouth Valiants skyrocket, with Dodge Darts not far behind.
Only thing with a chip on the Valiant is the clock stopped at 4:35 July 12, 1972.

U.S. House of Unrepresentatives passes the Unsafe and Inaccurate Food Labeling Act, which allows labels which read Food/Non-Food. And Kosher for Passover, so thanks for that.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee pulls crutches out from under John Kerry and beats him with them.
Lilliputians then swarm over and stake him to the Capitol floor. Not easy staking marble.

NASA finds most earthlike planet so far–Kepler 45-2b or 45-not2b. That’s the question.
Hope it’s not too earthlike–this we don’t need again.
How about Planet of the Puppies? How cute would that be?

Didn’t see that Hulk Hogan racist thing coming.
Now we only have Dog, Bounty Hunter to believe in. Maybe one of the Duck Masters.

The only one of the GOP hopeless–sorry, hopefuls–into Cuba recognition is Mike Huckabee, who has his eyes on a ’57 Bel Air, albeit with 4 different fenders and a Massey Ferguson engine, but, still.

Harper Lee’s first draft of “Go, Set a Watchman” was the story of a Jewish family, “So, a Watchman I Should Go Set, Now?”

Garrison Keillor retires to Denmark with former exchange student.

Nicki Minaj says Taylor Swift’s booty is laughable on “Shake it off.”
More like flick it off.

Lowest ratings among party faithful ever make for a self-hating Republican Party.

Drones with guns specifically protected under the 2nd Amendment: “The right of the people to keep and bear drones with guns shall not be infringed.”

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said he was referring to his own children as “idiot inner-city kids.”
Does make you think perhaps there should be some requirements for the Senate other than being 30 and fabulously stupid.

McDonalds all-day Egg McMuffins fall short of Wall St expectations.
Free range Chicken McNuggets might work but then you gotta catch ’em.

No, ma, Bill Cosby, not Bing Crosby.

Ferguson, Missouri hires Cleavon Little as figurehead sheriff.

Following Cuba recognition Trump Guantanamo all but a done deal.

With 16 candidates for ’16 Republican debates will go to a musical chairs format.

Governor President Walker orders National Guard to arm themselves in case he has to take the nomination by force.

That’s All the News That Isn’t

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