Breakdancing Panda & All 12 Jokes for 12 Months 2013

Panda 17

12 Months 12 Jokes for 2013

January:  Chief Justice Roberts clearly relieved to not have sworn in Osama this time.

February:  Pope Benedict clearly looking forward to being Joe Ratzinger again.

March:  President’s dinner with Senators a good first step, let’s see how the dancing goes.

April:  George W Bush becomes the first C+ English student to have his own library.

May:  In Jerusalem, Wailing Wall controversy solved as women allowed to use the Kvetching Wall.

June:  NSA director testifies before the House Intelligence Committee, then has to kill them.

July:  Shrinking Arctic icecap threatens baby seal clubbing.

August:  Woke up, I was a Chelsea Manning.

September:  By the time she is Mrs. Kansas Miss Kansas will probably regret the tattoo.

October:  Shutdown over, National Zoo’s baby panda back home after 2 weeks in a cardboard box on the mall break dancing for bamboo.

November: Rather my seatmate had a box-cutter than an iPhone.

December: Dairy Farmer brought to Lambeau Field attempts to slap, poke and prod Aaron Rodgers to his feet.

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