Boston Beards to Sox & All the News That Isn’t


Looks like Obama Lawn Care has a long row to hoe.

Several congressmen secretly pleased as punch with their Obamacare coverage. Speaker John Boehner, for one, is getting a new spine.

Obamacare going to a scratch-off lottery. Scratch 4 and get coverage head to toe.

Now you can sign up with a note tied to a rock thrown through Kathleen Sebelius’ window.

Lots of folks going overseas for healthcare–a hip in Belgium, for example, is 1/4 the cost, but how do you know it’s not chocolate?

Coming soon Call of Duty: Obamacare for Xbox.

McDonald’s McResource site for underpaid workers suggests McWelfare.

Galaxy 30 billion light years away sounds promising.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel complains when no one calls either.

If nothing else NSA taps have brought Germany and France together.

35 world leaders tapped but only Berlusconi worth listening to.

Must be a lot of roaming charges tapping every phone in Europe. Think it would be prohibitive.

In Greece, DNA tests prove blonde children occur randomly.

Coldest object in universe surprisingly not anybody I know.

Junk DNA now thought to be responsible for your face.

Washing your hands after a failed task makes you more optimistic unless the water is scalding, which sends you into a spiral of depression.

More female officials in NCAA football–really the only difference: no booth reviews.

Due to concussions Brett Favre now thinks he’s the Fonz.
Memory loss, huh? How convenient.

Elation at discovery of vegetarian piranha muted somewhat when found to eat vegetarians.

Last year for beards at World Series–looking like the Boston Chasidim does not inspire fear in opponents.

Republicans now squabble over which way immigration should go, in or out.

Survey finds best place to be a woman is anywhere you are dear.

Women are better at multi-tasking while men are better at multi-having-to-do-it.

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .


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