40th Anniversary of 70’s Groundbreakers!

40th Anniversary Reissues of 70’s Groundbreakers
I’m OK You’ve Really Gone Downhill
Your Phreaking Cell Phone from The Anarchists New Cookbook
The Last Sex from the wimmin who brought you The First Sex
Zen and the Art of Honda Goldwing Maintenance
A Separate Real Estate: A Yacqui Way of Flipping
Siddhartha (rev) Why the Search for Enlightenment never works in German
Steal This eBook
Happy to Be Anywhere Now
The Joy of Shmex
Open and Shut Marriage
Back in the Nest: Jonathon Livingston Siegel
The Sinuous Man by m’s grandnephew
Nothing Future Shocks Me Anymore
Well Done Cool, the Haskell Wexler classic updated
William’s Doll Has Been Through a Lot
The Satanic Bible with a forward by Christine O’Donnell
Small is Beautiful: That’s What She Said edition
Ecotage Around the House: Sabotaging Your Own Yard
The Idiots Guide to Idiots

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