The War at Home II

On, Wisconsin

A bit of a disappointment on the celebrity side of things—only Joe the Plumber and Jesse Jackson. Sarah Palin couldn’t catch a broom, and President Obama didn’t want to appear to be prying into the affairs of the United States of America. Ed Schultz was pretty much the entire media coverage, outside of Greta Van Susteren, at Fox central, who conceded she had lots of friends from Madison’s West High (my daughter’s school, which turned out in numbers). Ed, a rabble rouser who never quite rouses any rabble, used the opportunity to inveigh the crowd to inveigh against Rush Limbaugh–“Rush called you deadbeats. Are you deadbeats?” Like the deadbeats would even be there.

The Governor did not pour at the Tea Party, preferring to hole up in Wauwatosa with wife Tonette rubbing his temples. The only other possible show stoppers, those wacky AWOL Democrats, were still ensconced outside Wisconsin behind their Republican noms de plume at Rockford’s Clock Tower Inn and Water Park (“the perfect business and family getaway”). The good news is they get union rates, but, as things drag on, they’re probably wishing they had gone with Extended Stay. One prodigal senator who did go home to get some sleep reflexively bounded over the back fence at the first cheese-it—the cops. The police, fellow civil servants, have shown great reluctance to bring in the hounds, in that the mere act of being a state senator is at most a misdemeanor, for now.

What have we learned from Wisconsin’s one week in the sun not involving football? To pay attention to the buttoned-down junior chamber of commerce types, they might just be governor some day. That conservatives don’t want less government, they, in fact, want all of it. That many young people got a taste for doing something about something that could stay with them. Certainly that when you have the votes, you have the votes, and that truisms are called that for a reason. And, that as inspired a motto as it might be, “Forward” depends pretty much on where you stand.

Michael Feldman

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  1. bbop Says:

    my 90+ mom liked Ed’s first night of coverage from the Capitol (she was very enthusiastic that he kept saying he wouldn’t forget these people and their stories), but she didn’t like the second night of his coverage; she said he called Rush Limbaugh names.


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