All the Tweets That Isn’t

All the Tweets That Isn’t Michael Feldman

Boehner: No tabs at dad’s tavern.
Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum annihilate one another in tremendous burst of energy.
Lady Gaga apparently born a pullet.
Artificial intelligence gets real.
Ahmadinejad given a hot foot.
I don’t see how you can call it a budget.
Haley Babar running for king of elephants.
Trump considering Egypt bid.
Help! We’re melting! the Midwest.
I’m sorry–is the Egyptian army a democracy?
Berlusconi’s Lysistrata.
Suppository iPhone rumors emerge.
Boehner says Obama Christian and American but not gentlemen and scholar.
Devastated Justin shaves head joins Saskatoon Skinheads.
Esperanza Spalding surprise new head of Egypt.
Anderson Cooper to meat Lady Gaga.
Palin backs Nefertiti in Egypt.
Dylan to sing Its All Over Now Bieber Blue at Grammys.
Boehner: will trade Obama citizenship for budget cuts.
Egypt: you’re in the army now you’re not behind the dhow.
King Tut and Mubarak among the missing.
Romney finishes behind talking salamander in CPAC poll.
Anderson Cooper titular head of Egypt.
Justin-Selena’s gbf.
Mubarak to take job in Yemen.
Woods closes with 75 but takes 3 wives in Dubai.
Ron Paul wins Munchkin poll.
Mubarak powers accidentally transferred to octomom Nadya Suleman.
Obamanet: universal wireless coverage.

all this and me @myfeldman

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