Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I trust you enjoyed the epic struggle at Soldier Field without any of the pretzel logistics your predecessor might have experienced seeing a 330 pound
linebacker getting jiggy with it on his first touchdown dance. Please accept a heartfelt “tough one!” from those of us in Packerland who wish the Bears no permanent damage, and are, in fact, quite fond of Lovey Smith if not the crowd he hangs with. There is always next year, and, with Jay Cutler, always the year after that. Just one more quarterback and things might have turned out a lot different for Chicago. True, the Bears highlight reel did whip by in a flash–pretty much just a scrambling Brian Urlacher being ankled by Aaron Rodgers like it was backwards day–but that was worth seeing a couple of times.

I’m sure you know that we here in Wisconsin feel a special bond with you and your Presidency ever since your candidacy was kick started in the Wisconsin primary, and that we take pride in being Camp David North. It was somewhat of a bolt out of the blue, then, to hear you say “if the Bears are in the Super Bowl we’re going,” an offhand jest perhaps not meant to be taken to be as exclusive as it was interpreted. We know you keep a pied a terre in Chicago, we get that, but, after the State of the Union, Mr. President, your instinct was not to head to Hyde Park to take the pulse of the public, but north to Oconomowoc, for the State of the Wisconsin. We just assumed it would be the same with the Super Bowl.

Be that as it may (and, truly, no hard feelings–we wish you many more Oconomowocs) since you, apparently, won’t be using them, I was wondering if I might have your tickets to XLV. I would guess the tickets are already in the hands of Chief of Staff (and Chicagoan) Bill Daley, who would have no use for them, and might be up for grabs. My daughters (I have two, too!) are pretty insistent I make Super Sunday happen for them, and the audacity of their dream comes to $3,000 a pop, end zone, and an 18 hour drive to the Quality Inn Ft. Worth, and back.

I realize the tickets (4 if you have them–can’t forget the wife!) may already be spoken for, but, if not, they would make for an unforgettable “Yes, we can!” moment for one hopeful family in your Packerland constituency.

Wishing you all the best, and thanking you for your consideration,

Michael Feldman

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