The Statistically Average Tea Partier

The much anticipated profile of the statistically average tea partier has come out:

1. 80% male, 100% white.
2. No discernable ethnicity.
3. Tweets but does not follow.
4. Votes only for write-in candidates.
5. Believes he has won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.
6. Reveres the Boston patriots although personally would have stayed with England.
7. 5 times as likely to use stool softeners.
8. Drives a Buick.
9. Believes that flying a plane into the IRS is wrong but understandable.
10. Has a jpeg of Sarah Palin stretching in her warm-ups in a locked file on his PC.
11. Pays off his Visa card monthly.
12. Practices lawn care.
13. Thinks there will never be another Everett Dirksen.
14. Tips 10%, and only if the service is good.
15. Did not respond to this survey.

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  1. ryry paddie Says:

    how dare you….may beck bless you..


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