Trumpy McTrump Face and All the News That Isn’t



First cruise ship in 40 years–the Poseidon–sails for Cuba.


Google teams with Chrysler to make a self-schlepping minivan.

What a world–you sit at home with coffee and the weather channel while the minivan warns the kids don’t make me stop this van.

Of course the kids will soon hack it and first hour will be at 6 Flags.


A 10 year old boy receives $10,000 for hacking Instagram and gets to keep all the celebrity phone shots.


GOP chairman acquires the two miniature singing twins to attract Mothra to take on Trumpzilla.

At least, after being Trumped, Ted Cruz still has his Zodiac work to fall back on.

And John Kasich doesn’t have to be nice anymore.


Wife and I are thinking of taking a Ted Cruise–that’s where you just sail straight south.


Trump gets endorsements of the baked bean Bushes.


The Rolling Stones tell Trump to stop using “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” but feel free to use “Sympathy for the Devil.”


Kim Jong Un seeking Supreme Power is rebuked by Kim Jong Ryan, who said he wasn’t quite there yet. At last report, Kim Jong Ryan is not anywhere.


Blue Bell Rocky Road ice cream is recalled for containing Rocky Road.


Pig attacks farm couple in Massachusetts squealing “4 legs good! 2 legs bad!


Trump slams Hillary as a “nasty, mean enabler of Bill’s affairs” after she won’t fix him up.


Once in office Trump will name the new Navy carrier Trumpy McTrump Face.


New father Justin Timberlake’s latest single “Can’t Stop the Poopin’ ” drops.


Alabama’s Chief Justice suspended for not marrying his clerk.

Why ruin a good thing?


The Old as Sin tour of surviving 60’s rockers at least in their 60’s–Dylan, the Stones, remaining Beatles, the Who, Neil Old–is set for September, just as the days dwindle down to a precious few.

Be rails on that stage. Plus, don’t want to be the roadie who forgets the paddles for backstage.


That’s All the News That Isn’t


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