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Looking for something Whad’ya Know past, present or future! Look no further!

Here at we have links to WYK on Facebook, the WordPress blog, SoundCloud podcasts, Tweets (ask for myfeldman) and Archives (below) going all the way back to when you were being schlepped to soccer and dad had that guy on again. I was that guy. Sorry.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, as well as SoundCloud.

Michael can be found, if you’re lucky, at the Crystal Corner Bar on Williamson St, just across the street from the late lamented Dolly’s Fine Foods. Don’t feel you have to buy him one. Having said that . . .

Any further questions, or if you didn’t receive your quiz prize, Condom Mints or whatever, and it’s been more than 15 years, you can reach us ( all right, me) at

Thanks y’all!    Michael


It’s here, Whad’YaNauts! I’m talking the DonutGate year, 1997!

Man, I miss me them donuts! And poor Lyle, no leftovers to take home.

Enjoy, Michael

PS Be sure you catch the latest podcast “Blending into the curtains” on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and/or SoundCloud–it’s something special!



Whad’ya Know Archives

1985 WYK

1986 WYK

1987 WYK

1988 WYK

1989 WYK

1990 WYK

1991 WYK

1992 WYK

1993 WYK

1994 WYK

1995 WYK

1996 WYK

1997 WYK

1998 WYK


48 Comments on “All Things Whad’ya Know!”

  1. Rich Says:

    Thank you thank you. 🙂
    I’ve been a fan since 2000.


  2. mefeld Says:

    Thanks, and thank you, Rich–more on the way!


  3. Nadia Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since 2000.


  4. Stan Laulederkind Says:

    The archive thing is awesome!


  5. mefeld Says:

    More on the way y’all–


  6. Rich Says:

    The 1985 season alone is almost 60 hours of podcasts! I just finally finished listening to the entire runs of This American Life and Ask Me Another, so this will help fill the pod-void I otherwise would experience.


  7. Hello. Me ha agradado repasar tu escrito. Me ha semejado una enseñanza muy interesante,
    si bien, en ciertos trazos difiero un poco de tu criterio. He
    examinado que tienes más difusiones, afirmo
    atrapar un espacio para ojearlas. Ten por inequivoco que escoltaré todas tus ediciones.

    Te congratulo por tu espacio web. Un cariñoso


  8. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Thanks much for the files! Glad to find out that not much has changed since 1985. Show format was the same (except for category “Presidents”), and on June 22nd one of the topics was self-driving cars and drones… not kidding (43:00).


  9. vlock1 Says:

    This is beautiful, Michael. I am just going to marinate in this for… jeez, who knows how long? Months, maybe.

    Hey, I wanted to ask – in the event that you see this and don’t think I’m mad – do you remember a show about twelve years ago in which you asked a guy from Chicago what he did in Chicago and he responded with “Drink beer”? And then you asked him what kind of beer and he said “Cheap beer”? And then you gave him some beer?

    This has been driving me crazy since the day I heard it and I have no idea how to track it down.

    Anyway! Thanks, again. This is stupendous.


  10. vanark Says:

    This is great. You should consider uploading these to the Internet Archive ( A nice interface for folks and an easy way to keep it organized. Once you have 50 shows uploaded, they’ll create a collection just for your uploads.


  11. Marshall Says:

    I just digitized my cassette tape of your show during the Woodstock Anniversary. I was one of the audience members and I showed you my picture of me lolling in the mud at Woodstock. I did not see this show in your archives, if you erased it I’ll send you my copy.


  12. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    1997… very quiet on my computer. No sound… Anyone got the same experience?


  13. Paul Schilling Says:

    There IS a god!! Thank you so much Michael for uploading these, and for many years of your wonderful show.


  14. mefeld Says:

    I’m looking into 1197 kids. Oh wait, 1997.


    • Rich Says:

      Hey Mike,

      Hate to seem like a complainer, but files “wyk 4-13-96” and “wyk 3-2-96” are short. In that I mean they seem incomplete.

      Other than that small issue I’ve been completely loving this awesome archive you’ve put together. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done! 😀


    • Dag Ekeberg Says:

      Great news! I’m really enjoying these early shows. The audience members, including the younger ones, seem so outspoken and articulate. It’s like they’re used to talking instead of texting and staring at small screens 🙂


  15. mefeld Says:

    Hey, y’all redoing 1997, due to operator error, but, heck, it waited this long can wait a little longer. Enjoying this but it’s a little funeral-board-ish. 🙂


  16. mefeld Says:

    Yo ‘Nauts! In case any of you sticklers noticed the very first show 6-1-85 was incomplete have now remedied that, such an amazing engineer am I


  17. bob forward Says:

    Michael…miss your show…ever gonna put the Akron show in the archives?


    • mefeld Says:

      You betcha Bob–Akron was a highlight for me. Canton was not even close.


      • bob forward Says:

        well, geographically, Canton is kinda close…ug, harhar…


      • bob forward Says:

        footnote: Akron Civic Theatre is such a great venue, a throwback to a different era…saw many a show in my young pup years…worked next door in the 70s…(hey, alot of this is, uh, a bit hazy…)…your show w/Terry Pluto & the almighty 15/60/75 (The Numbers Band) is a classic…hope to see it in yr archives…best summer to you & your family


  18. Eric Cotts Says:

    He is back!!!
    John is back playing with his buds!

    You have a reason to live


  19. vanark Says:

    Michael – do you have the date of the episode that featured Jim Dickinson with his son Luther Dickinson? I think it was in 2001?


  20. Ric Catron Says:

    Michael – I found you on Whad’ya Sent you an e-mail at address and it bounced back. Facebook connection isn’t working today. Sorry to make this so public, but don’t know how to contact you otherwise…

    Hope you are doing well and What’d Ya Know 2.0 is thriving. Back at the transition from radio to podcast, I made a donation to keep the program afloat, but never heard anything back. I saw the transaction on my Visa statement, so I know it went through.

    I’m not the most techy person, so wasn’t sure how the Podcasts would work. I still don’t have a cellphone, and finally got off dial-up a few years ago. I had subscribed, and was expecting that they’d be loaded into an e-mail, or they’d be some kind of notice. I haven’t heard anything. How does this work?

    In this 2017 political roller-coaster world, your voice is needed more than ever. Still doing the 2-hour Saturday show? I’d love to listen.

    Ric Catron
    Silverdale, WA (In the sticks….)


  21. mefeld Says:

    Hey, Ric, you can find all the podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher or on–just search Whad’ya Know Podcast. Also started archive of old shows on Can reach me at Glad you gave up on dial-up. Thanks for the kind words, best Michael


  22. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Archived but not outdated… The November 23rd 1985 show featured a portable computer and this Quiz question: “Who is Donald Trump and what are his big plans?” Really.


  23. mefeld Says:

    Don’t remember the answer, do you?


  24. Jon Says:

    Michael, I am converting all your mp3s to mp4s (video). By doing this people will get the easy ability to stop and resume the program when they want to as well as seek to a particular location (not an easy thing to do with an audio file). I am doing this for myself mostly but I’d be happy to give you the files when I’m done for your audience.


  25. John Dho Says:

    Well, I’m listening to “Dinner Party Download” and I hear an interview with Ann Lamont talking about forgiveness. Then I remember an episode of Whadya Know and a rather uncomfortable​ exchange between Annie and the show’s host, Michael Feldman. I searched the Web and found this website. Our local station uncerimoniuosly dumped Whadya Know a few years ago and it was nice to discover that Mr Feldman is still cracking wise. Funny how the mind works, eh?

    So, I wanna know… did Annie ever forgive you?

    Great to find you again, Michael!


    • mefeld Says:

      No, never. Tell you what happened, love(d) Annie btw, great writer, and funny, but in her first novel was this really goofy character I thought was comic relief who turned out to be, really, Annie herself. When I mention how hilarious she was she hung up on me like, forever. If you’re out there, Annie, miss you.


  26. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Great show yesterday. A bit of focus on the fairly insignificant country of Norway…

    I’m watching on YouTube, perhaps that is the way to go…? Not sure if a podcast is the thing for your loyal fans. Don’t picture them wearing earphones, but who knows. The livecast might need to be edited down from 4 hours and 46 minutes, though 🙂 Just my 5 cents.


  27. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Keeping the conversation alive, sorry… Here is the official title of the show I just finished listening to: “1-7-89 good show”

    I agree! Good show! Really funny audience interaction. The host was a bit testy, presumably because of male menopause and a musical interlude that was shorter than the agreed-upon four minutes…


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