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Whad’ya Know –Pod Much, You?–live darn near most Saturdays, 10 am Central, around midnight in Seoul via

And–It’s All the Podcast You Need!

How do we do it? We live-cast on most Saturdays at 10am Central (sound familiar) to the Whad’ya Know Podcast Facebook page while using the oldest telephonic technology to let you call us and us (sic) call you, and news-makers, filmmakers, wine-makers, sign-makers, scientists of every -ology, humorists,  writers, readers, critics, everybody’s a critics, water-colorists, oils & pastels–this guy’s the limit! All this and the Mother of All Quizzes the Whad’ya Know Quiz and the only Fake News you can believe in All the News That Isn’t!

Plus, Lyle has been let out of his soundproof booth and takes over the show every time. He can’t help it, he’s that erudite, which I can’t even use in a sentence.

Think about it–you can watch & enter into the live video on Facebook, then, later the same Saturday, after meticulous editing, listen to the Podcast on iTunes.  But, wait, there’s more–you can join the show in progress at A House of A Guy’s Own in Madison and, if nothing else, snarf up a free donut & a cuppa!

If it gets any better than this I’d be surprised!

Talk to you soon, Michael



Looking for something Whad’ya Know past, present or future! Look no further!

Here at we have links to WYK on Facebook, the WordPress blog, SoundCloud podcasts, Tweets (@myfeldman) and Archives (below) going all the way back to when you were being schlepped to soccer and dad had that guy on again. I was that guy. Sorry.

Any further questions, or if you didn’t receive your quiz prize, Condom Mints or whatever, and it’s been more than 15 years, you can reach us ( all right, me) at

Thanks all y’all!    Michael

Good news for WYK archivists–After some problems with archive syncing we are back, and all the way from 1985 to 2004–with more to come! And don’t forget to join us on the Whad’ya Know Podcast- for all out latest shenanigans!

Whad’ya Know Show Archives —





















166 Comments on “All Things Whad’ya Know!”

  1. Rich Says:

    Thank you thank you. 🙂
    I’ve been a fan since 2000.


    • mike schneider Says:

      I don’t know where to begin. Ok, I do know…Brule. That’s where I started deer hunting in 1989. Deer avoiding, really. I would play along with my intense hunting buddies, march into the woods in the cold darkness, then plot my escape…back to my truck, hoping not to be seen or heard. By 7:30 am I was driving aimlessly, finding hot coffee where I could…Lake Nebagamon, Iron River, Barnes, Gordon…pastry, as well (duh!)…while deer avoiding, I discovered WYK…OMG! It began a 27 year tradition…not just during deer season…every Saturday! I have told quite a few people that this show being axed hurts more than if the remaining members of my nuclear family died….that’s the family I was born into, right? Not the family I had some choice in (wife), and then made my own (kids)…don’t want them gone, but the others. Don’t want them gone, but would trade their lives for WYK…sounds harsh, but you need to get to know them….

      Anywell, I am still grieving. My weekend walks on Park Point here in Duluth aren’t the same. I was old enough (23) when I found WYK to know what I had…I relished it for those 27 years, never took it for granted…life was NEVER better than to hear Michael Feldman burst out laughing…truly…magical…perfection. Thanks.


      • mike schneider Says:

        my original post sounds harsh…was trying to be funny…it wasn’t. i love my family. but WYK holds a larger share of my heart…just saying…


      • Seth Thomas Says:

        I started listening about the same time, my uncle was a regular listener since the start. Damn I miss the show. Tempus fugit.


      • dan mcferr Says:

        I got it Mike, shame some people are too stick in the mud to laugh a little. I sorely miss Whaddya know and am just thankful it continues via podcast.


    • Rich Says:

      2001 is up! Those were the days of Boca Burger and the whole kielbasa if memory serves correctly.


  2. mefeld Says:

    Thanks, and thank you, Rich–more on the way!


  3. Nadia Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since 2000.


  4. Stan Laulederkind Says:

    The archive thing is awesome!


  5. mefeld Says:

    More on the way y’all–


  6. Rich Says:

    The 1985 season alone is almost 60 hours of podcasts! I just finally finished listening to the entire runs of This American Life and Ask Me Another, so this will help fill the pod-void I otherwise would experience.


  7. Hello. Me ha agradado repasar tu escrito. Me ha semejado una enseñanza muy interesante,
    si bien, en ciertos trazos difiero un poco de tu criterio. He
    examinado que tienes más difusiones, afirmo
    atrapar un espacio para ojearlas. Ten por inequivoco que escoltaré todas tus ediciones.

    Te congratulo por tu espacio web. Un cariñoso


  8. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Thanks much for the files! Glad to find out that not much has changed since 1985. Show format was the same (except for category “Presidents”), and on June 22nd one of the topics was self-driving cars and drones… not kidding (43:00).


  9. vlock1 Says:

    This is beautiful, Michael. I am just going to marinate in this for… jeez, who knows how long? Months, maybe.

    Hey, I wanted to ask – in the event that you see this and don’t think I’m mad – do you remember a show about twelve years ago in which you asked a guy from Chicago what he did in Chicago and he responded with “Drink beer”? And then you asked him what kind of beer and he said “Cheap beer”? And then you gave him some beer?

    This has been driving me crazy since the day I heard it and I have no idea how to track it down.

    Anyway! Thanks, again. This is stupendous.


  10. vanark Says:

    This is great. You should consider uploading these to the Internet Archive ( A nice interface for folks and an easy way to keep it organized. Once you have 50 shows uploaded, they’ll create a collection just for your uploads.


  11. Marshall Says:

    I just digitized my cassette tape of your show during the Woodstock Anniversary. I was one of the audience members and I showed you my picture of me lolling in the mud at Woodstock. I did not see this show in your archives, if you erased it I’ll send you my copy.


  12. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    1997… very quiet on my computer. No sound… Anyone got the same experience?


  13. Paul Schilling Says:

    There IS a god!! Thank you so much Michael for uploading these, and for many years of your wonderful show.


  14. mefeld Says:

    I’m looking into 1197 kids. Oh wait, 1997.


    • Rich Says:

      Hey Mike,

      Hate to seem like a complainer, but files “wyk 4-13-96” and “wyk 3-2-96” are short. In that I mean they seem incomplete.

      Other than that small issue I’ve been completely loving this awesome archive you’ve put together. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done! 😀


    • Dag Ekeberg Says:

      Great news! I’m really enjoying these early shows. The audience members, including the younger ones, seem so outspoken and articulate. It’s like they’re used to talking instead of texting and staring at small screens 🙂


  15. mefeld Says:

    Hey, y’all redoing 1997, due to operator error, but, heck, it waited this long can wait a little longer. Enjoying this but it’s a little funeral-board-ish. 🙂


  16. mefeld Says:

    Yo ‘Nauts! In case any of you sticklers noticed the very first show 6-1-85 was incomplete have now remedied that, such an amazing engineer am I


  17. bob forward Says:

    Michael…miss your show…ever gonna put the Akron show in the archives?


    • mefeld Says:

      You betcha Bob–Akron was a highlight for me. Canton was not even close.


      • bob forward Says:

        well, geographically, Canton is kinda close…ug, harhar…


      • bob forward Says:

        footnote: Akron Civic Theatre is such a great venue, a throwback to a different era…saw many a show in my young pup years…worked next door in the 70s…(hey, alot of this is, uh, a bit hazy…)…your show w/Terry Pluto & the almighty 15/60/75 (The Numbers Band) is a classic…hope to see it in yr archives…best summer to you & your family


  18. Eric Cotts Says:

    He is back!!!
    John is back playing with his buds!

    You have a reason to live


  19. vanark Says:

    Michael – do you have the date of the episode that featured Jim Dickinson with his son Luther Dickinson? I think it was in 2001?


  20. Ric Catron Says:

    Michael – I found you on Whad’ya Sent you an e-mail at address and it bounced back. Facebook connection isn’t working today. Sorry to make this so public, but don’t know how to contact you otherwise…

    Hope you are doing well and What’d Ya Know 2.0 is thriving. Back at the transition from radio to podcast, I made a donation to keep the program afloat, but never heard anything back. I saw the transaction on my Visa statement, so I know it went through.

    I’m not the most techy person, so wasn’t sure how the Podcasts would work. I still don’t have a cellphone, and finally got off dial-up a few years ago. I had subscribed, and was expecting that they’d be loaded into an e-mail, or they’d be some kind of notice. I haven’t heard anything. How does this work?

    In this 2017 political roller-coaster world, your voice is needed more than ever. Still doing the 2-hour Saturday show? I’d love to listen.

    Ric Catron
    Silverdale, WA (In the sticks….)


  21. mefeld Says:

    Hey, Ric, you can find all the podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher or on–just search Whad’ya Know Podcast. Also started archive of old shows on Can reach me at Glad you gave up on dial-up. Thanks for the kind words, best Michael


  22. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Archived but not outdated… The November 23rd 1985 show featured a portable computer and this Quiz question: “Who is Donald Trump and what are his big plans?” Really.


  23. mefeld Says:

    Don’t remember the answer, do you?


  24. Jon Says:

    Michael, I am converting all your mp3s to mp4s (video). By doing this people will get the easy ability to stop and resume the program when they want to as well as seek to a particular location (not an easy thing to do with an audio file). I am doing this for myself mostly but I’d be happy to give you the files when I’m done for your audience.


  25. John Dho Says:

    Well, I’m listening to “Dinner Party Download” and I hear an interview with Ann Lamont talking about forgiveness. Then I remember an episode of Whadya Know and a rather uncomfortable​ exchange between Annie and the show’s host, Michael Feldman. I searched the Web and found this website. Our local station uncerimoniuosly dumped Whadya Know a few years ago and it was nice to discover that Mr Feldman is still cracking wise. Funny how the mind works, eh?

    So, I wanna know… did Annie ever forgive you?

    Great to find you again, Michael!


    • mefeld Says:

      No, never. Tell you what happened, love(d) Annie btw, great writer, and funny, but in her first novel was this really goofy character I thought was comic relief who turned out to be, really, Annie herself. When I mention how hilarious she was she hung up on me like, forever. If you’re out there, Annie, miss you.


      • John Dho Says:

        I was mopping the family room floor on a Saturday, listening to the show on KPCC, when that exchange took place. It was one of the oddest radio bits I’d ever heard and really did seem to come out of left field. While it did seem like high drama at the time (I was mopping the floors, remember…), it was also disconcerting and may have been the only time I’d ever heard Michael Feldman at a loss for words.

        Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking… and I hope that Ms. Lamott gets in touch one day. Life is just too short!


  26. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Great show yesterday. A bit of focus on the fairly insignificant country of Norway…

    I’m watching on YouTube, perhaps that is the way to go…? Not sure if a podcast is the thing for your loyal fans. Don’t picture them wearing earphones, but who knows. The livecast might need to be edited down from 4 hours and 46 minutes, though 🙂 Just my 5 cents.


  27. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Keeping the conversation alive, sorry… Here is the official title of the show I just finished listening to: “1-7-89 good show”

    I agree! Good show! Really funny audience interaction. The host was a bit testy, presumably because of male menopause and a musical interlude that was shorter than the agreed-upon four minutes…


  28. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    First show of -88, Quiz Question:

    GM has said that a TV Camera on the trunk and a video screen on the dash will replace a certain car device, which?

    That turned out to be a difficult question. I guess GM was ahead of its time, it happens 🙂


  29. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Tom and Ray on the show! (2-27-88) Was that the only time?
    You seemed to get along fine, actually. No jokes about them being only on (Scandinavian) guy, Ray did call you Marty Feldman, though…
    You complained that it had been a segment without any actual content being revealed. But that was not true. It was revealed that Tom once gave a caller an unfortunate advice: The caller’s car wouldn’t go in reverse, so Tom told him to buy a house with a circular driveway…


  30. Armin Nebel Says:

    Heard the best poem read by author
    Who wrote it? I must know!!


  31. Dean Pietro , Domincks Dad! Says:

    When can I see you and Madison? I’ve heard that you’re playing some local places, just like back in the day. Driving give my Michael Feldman fix! 🙂


    • mefeld Says:

      We finished our first season at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, and are looking to working out details for a new venue in Madison in September–stay tuned for developments!


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  33. mo Says:

    Hey Michael, great to hear you all the way from Portugal. I don’t live in Portugal, just vacationing. Little bit of familiarity, listening to you. Love the 30 plus minute spots, too chicken to call. Maybe when I’m back home, I’ll build up courage. I’ll be listening.


  34. Chuck Riffee Says:

    Really miss your show. Thanks for the podcasts. In a recent survey taken by WV Public Broadcasting, I commented about missing your show, and how great it would be to bring you back. Any such plans? Hoping.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. drcmdavis Says:

    My wife and I still talk about the audience where the old lady kicked her friend because she peeled her plums. Funniest interview ever.


  36. Ann Says:

    This is really useful, thanks.


  37. Lexus Lowe Says:

    Dearest Michael and WYK fans, I was listening to WYK this past weekend on Washington DC’s WAMU and the show involved a guest recalling a funny Harry Caray traffic stop story. I’d love to share it with my father-in-law but all attempts at finding recent previous shows just direct me to podcast subscribe links which then tell me the ‘item is not available in U.S.’. Can any of you direct me to a link to the show I mentioned above?

    Thank you,
    loyal fan and WAMU supporter,


    • vanark Says:

      I don’t know which show it is, but it looks like the recent shows are archived on Soundcloud.

      Looks like it is also available at the usual podcast locations:
      “You can download the CMMN podcast, as well as the entire season of Whad’ya Know at the High Noon, on @iTunes @Stitcher and/or @SoundCloud, just search for it under the Whad’ya Know Podcast banner.”


  38. Kevin E Says:

    Michael, I just have one question that’s been burning in my brain since I first listened to your show, lo these 10 or so years now. There, at least in Milwaukee, was a little 2 minute or so ditty played between the 2 parts of the show. It is an upbeat number and it got me through the day when I was working for the phone company (Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion were the other staples of my day). I want to know if there is a name for it, or if I can download a digital copy or what? I really miss the show and miss this tune.


  39. Slim Says:

    Honesty, it took me this long to reply. Being so alone after my parents died, your show was the only way for me to continue to connect with them. I am eternally thankfull to you.


  40. Slim Says:

    30 yrs. since 86′ thanks MF. I would listen to you on a Sunday night replay from 10 to 12 after vin Scully. Sometimes after drama hour or dr demento. Big Fan. Not large fan.


  41. Pratik Says:

    Thank You Micheal …
    This show has been my one constant..

    hope you post more …


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  43. Dana Hoffmann Says:

    I was wondering if you had a link or more info on where I could go to find out more about the gals who used a male persona to get responses to emails for their start-up company. It was on the question today about which headline was true (September 2, 2017).




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  45. Bill Rutledge Says:

    Now that I’m retired and don’t have to work any Saturday, I have time to listen to every one of your shows, but now you seem retired. What a damned dirty trick.


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  47. Faruk Says:

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  48. Robert Richard Says:

    When are you going to come back to Jerry Ford Torture Gulag and pull some more Hollander chain?


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  50. FleltNor Says:

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  51. A quiz winner- 2015 Says:

    All the links are gone? I only made it thru 1987…


    • Rich Says:

      I tested a couple links and the files seem to still be there. Which ones did you see as missing? There is only one file for 2003 and it seems like that is in the process of being uploaded now.


    • A quiz winner- 2015 Says:

      Weird. Working now. It said ‘file was removed by owner’ earlier today, at least for me. BACK TO THE SHOW!!


  52. Sam Lacy Says:

    Hi Michael,

    My name is Sam. I am a frequent drinking buddy of Lance, that guy who sometimes calls you late at night from Paddy’s Pub in Songtan, S. Korea. Lance and I have been friends for about 10 years now (more or less).

    The next time he calls, ask him about how his wife Laika (Lie-ka) is doing. Ask him if Laika is still on the pool team at the Station Club.

    Tell him you haven’t seen Laika in years. Play it any way you
    want to play it.

    Lance will be so confused, he won’t even know how to respond.

    Be prepared for awkward moments of silence.

    (USAF Retired)
    Songtan, S. Korea


  53. David Noble Says:

    THANK YOU for this mega treasure of archive awesomeness! With all of the awful, day-to-day, 24 hour news cycles, and Donald Trump/White House buffoonery, it sure is a joy to escape back in time with your shows.

    If I can contribute to a charity or cause that’s close to you, let me know! It’s the least I can do to say: thank you.


  54. Bruce Seiler Says:

    Hi Michael. I’ve listened since I discovered your show in the late 80’s. It was my Saturday Morning mow the grass show. Loved the format, and the easy going, friendly style. You don’t get that anymore. Today’s radios hosts don’t know what it is to take a breath, and really listen to the person they’re interviewing.

    Anyway, I was really sad and angry when it went off the air. I didn’t realize until just a few weeks ago that you had turned it into a podcast. So I’m backtracking and watching on YouTube and Facebook. It’s great to hear your voice, and see the whole gang!

    I liked the High Noon Saloon shows. Seemed like everyone had a good time. The latest shows with you and Lyle are a hoot. I know early on you said you didn’t know the YouTube/Facebook technology, but you’ve done a great job with it. Hopefully Stephanie will stop by for some of your shows.

    Thanks for getting your archives online for everyone to hear. And for keeping the show going.

    (And, just so you know, I went into “Refiredment” last June. Seems experience and hard work don’t count as much as they used to)

    All I can say is Thank You for everything.


  55. Kc Says:

    What the f*#%. I finally get to madison and no donuts at winnings terrace?


  56. JDH Says:

    I was searching for a 2003 show and there is only one show there currently from Ft. Worth, Dallas–wink wink. 🙂 I’m just wondering if the others will be there in the future? Thought our son would get a kick out of his Mom on the radio. Still missing your show Saturday mornings in Chicago.
    Thanks for the help 🙂


  57. monica Says:

    Hey Michael I missed your show on 3-24 and no video yet. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show. I’ve been following your show since the 90’s glad to hear you still on Saturday.


  58. Tom Says:

    Whenever I hear people rave about Wait Wait Dont Tell Me, I think how much better you were.


  59. Perry Wright Says:

    What happened to the archived 1985 shows ?
    I was just getting into them and they vanished !?


  60. Nicolas Says:

    Question– is there any additional info for the mysterious entity known as “The Informer?”

    IIRC, a web article once stated that he was in fact the dispatcher from Michael’s former job as a cab driver. In the replays, Jim seems to credit him as either “Barry Benson” or “Perry Benson.”

    Just wondering whatever happened to him, and if there’s more info on his career.

    Thank you!


  61. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Thanks again for the many hours of entertainment. I’m now in 1996. Seems that all files after 6-19-96 have no sound… What happened at “navy pier lon brooks”?


  62. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    Having listen through many years now (currently in the fall of 1997, recommended!), I find it utterly unbelievable that this country couldn’t find a spot on TV for Michael. That is a crime! But I guess self-deprecation is not something that your average TV audience appreciates or even understands. Seems TV “personalities” need to be constantly talking and promoting themselves, and leaving as little time as possible for the guests and audience to talk…


  63. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    …was supposed to say “listened”, no editing possible here…


  64. Jim H Says:

    Are you still doing the podcasts as a live show at the High Noon or elsewhere? Have friends heading for Madtown and wanted to suggest they take in the show if it still exists. Not the same as in the days I experienced it on campus or later at Monona Terrace, but….


  65. jseper123 Says:

    Where can I find the tv pilot episodes of Whatd’ya Know with Michael Feldman that was recorded at KTCI in St. Paul?


  66. Susan Says:

    Hi! My daughter and I have looked and looked for an episode that she was on, probably around 2006. She was 8 or 9 and wrote on a card that she was a 9 year old Goth girl and you ended up interviewing her. Is there a way to find that episode? Hoping! Thank you!


  67. cem Says:

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  68. David Says:

    Michael Feldman posted: “Here at we have links [to shows]… going all the way back to when you were being schlepped to soccer and dad had *that guy* on again. I was that guy. Sorry.”

    OMG, did my kids email you? Did you install automotive spyware 1.0 in our minivan circa 1990?? I loved “Whad’Ya Know,” but my kids hated it, especially since I enforced back seat silence so I could hear the crackling wit. They weren’t “Car Talk” fans either. What did they know? Not much. All best wishes.


  69. René Rich Says:

    We were finally ready to trek north to Madison. Oh well!!!


  70. JosephMib Says:

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  71. Jeff S Says:

    Where do I find Whad’Ya Know? from Biloxi (March 30, 2012)?


  72. Dave Says:

    Does anyone remember a show that included an amazing performance of “Dance Me To the End of Love” by a female singer, who played accordian?


    • David Says:

      Are you *sure* this was on Whad’ya Know… with an accordion? You may have it right–but I’m also wondering if you’re thinking of Madeleine Peyroux, who did the best-known cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” during the WYK years. She did not, at least often, perform with accordion, but she did it with a small jazz combo that had an accordion-type sound on disk:

      Ms. Peyroux also performed it live on NPR’s “Prairie Home Companion” on 2009-12-19.

      If I’m off here, happy hunting, and I hope somebody else steps up with a better ID for you.


      • Dave Says:

        David, Thank you for replying and for the info,.. have heard Ms. Peyroux’s version, listened again on youtube before commenting here,.. on this song Ms. Peyroux really has a wonderful, smooth, cool, delivery with (to my ear) a Billy Holiday tinge.
        The version I recall, well, thought sure it was on “Whadya Know” …but.. on whatever radio program I heard it,.. the performance really touched me..and to my recollection, there was only a singer and accordion…don’t remember any other instruments…vivid recollection of the accordion.
        Peace to All


  73. D. A Strandberg Says:

    Glad to see archives available. With the current Trump shutdown and wall stubborness, I’d like to rehear the show on which you went to Menard’s and priced out the cost of a wooden wall–one of my favorites. Which epidsode is that? Thanks in advance.


  74. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    During the years the show ran, the powers to be would only rerun recent shows. Like there was some problem with a ten year old show…

    But now we have this great gift of the WYK archives. For all the Scandinavian ancestors out there, I would like to recommend the Door County show (wyk 7-21-01 door cty). The host tried to create hostilities between Sweden and Denmark, by interviewing a Swedish baker about the popular “danish” pastry.


  75. Martha Tea Says:

    Hello! I sure wish this show was still running. If it was, I would have submitted this staff memo from just before the holidays to you:
    “Good morning all –

    The latest update on the plumbing is that the City received the work order last week to repair the busted and clogged pipes, however our landlord was not given a time frame for when they will be out to repair the pipes.

    Fortunately, we can use all the restrooms in the office at this time. However, we have been asked to keep what goes down the pipes to a minimum.

    Happy Monday!”
    I hope you are happy and healthy and somehow finding something to laugh at in these crazy times. You are the best!


  76. AllanVow Says:

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  77. Mike Bensing Says:

    Here’s one for the show:
    It’s a story about an Israeli company sending a lander to the moon. The part that Michael will have fun with is that the journey will take 40 days and I’m assuming 40 nights.
    I’m a long time listener, keep those pod casts coming!


  78. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    In lieu of years 2003-2005 (no hurry :)), I ‘ve gone all the way back to 1985.


    This got to be the funnies interview ever… Stan Lemkuil, master of over 300 vocal sound effects (IMDb). First interview of the show.

    I have found only one other clip of him, on YouTube. Worth watching.

    He died in 2013, only 63 years old. I cannot imagine there will ever be another Stan Lemkuil.


  79. Eric Schecter Says:

    Hi ya, Trying to listen to 12-14-96 Phoenix, and the mp3 is 225MB, but no audio. Can you fix this so I can hear the Glen Campbell segment? Many thanks!


  80. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    9-27-86 – great show, recommended!

    Very funny evasive answer about Consuela (30:40). A neighbor asked if she really existed…

    And always on the forefront of technology, you asked an audience member (computer programmer) about touchscreens (32:45). Yes, touchscreens—in 1986! (he hadn’t heard of them)


  81. William Joseph Says:

    I’m really miss the show, I look forward to the archive library continuing to grow, there was a show in August, 2008 that I have told our younger generation about and would love to play it for them.


  82. Susan Says:

    I too am waiting for a 2007 program that my daughter was on to be released to your archives. Wondering if you need any assistance getting things online?


  83. Bill Anderson Says:

    It’s like you just live in the past. Haven’t you done anything else besides What Do You Know?


  84. Haroldfew Says:

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  86. Rubenweway Says:

    i was reading this review – Mandhur Ward Daher, Harold H. Roberts


  87. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    I’m in 1989 now… Great show April 15. Keep thinking of that show where your sandwich guy described your job as going around in the audience being awkward with people… but this time it was spot on, not very awkward at all 🙂


  88. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    …regarding your current president. I hear references to Mr. Trump in many of the shows. I guess media personalities like yourself gave him the recognition over 35 years to be able to run for president with a 100 pst name recognition. A learning experience. Don’t give free exposure to any real estate developers in the future 🙂


    • Susan Says:

      Dear Michael,

      In the world of World’s BEST holiday gifts, I’ve been hoping to see your archives updated to 2006-2007 when our daughter was chosen from the audience because she claimed to be a 9-year-old goth girl (much to the surprise of her parents.) You interviewed her. I’ve been wanting to surprise her with the clip of your interview, but my frequent checks with your archive indicate that they have not been updated at all for a while now.

      Is there any chance at all that this particular clip could be found? Or, is there any chance you will be updating your archives so that I can find it? I’m remaining hopeful that I can provide that awesome surprise in December when I play the clip for her. She is now 22 and never became an actual Goth Girl…that we know of… It would be a precious piece of family history. 🙂 Whad’ya think?

      Susan Keats 847-732-6961

      Daughter is Alina Taber



  89. JimmieLap Says:

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  90. Phil Says:

    Which episode had old crow medicine show live?


  91. TimothyTaike Says:

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  92. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    I’m now in 1-11-92. An unfortunate occurrence for a humor show… A guy called in, you asked if he was married. He replied no, his wife and child died(!) … But you got the show going again, and it turned out that he was actually a very funny quiz contestant.

    There are no files in December 91, by the way. No shows that month?


  93. VictorHurne Says:

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  96. Dag Ekeberg Says:

    9-26-92 Michael Feldman Day in Superior, WI. Very unusual proclamation at 51:00 from the mayor, trying to outhumor the host…


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  98. Richard R Byrd Says:

    Saturdays have not been the same for awhile now. No Car Guys, no Michael Feldman (I’ll start listening to podcasts), no Garrison (sorry, I do miss him, too) and my Only A Game host has retired. Do you have any merchandise for sale, shirts, hats, etc.?


  99. Cindy Wickliff Wisecarver Says:

    Is this the Mike Feldman that grew up in Fairfield Iowa? This is Cindy “Wickliff” Wisecarver
    If this is you? Email me at below email


  100. jeanne Says:

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  101. Goran Rilavetch Says:

    RIP Jeff Eckles, Whad’ya Know? bass player for many years.


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  103. Rao Says:

    Do we have the episodes after 2003 online?


  104. Fred Jay Says:

    i’m struggling to recall the name of male solo acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter made multiple appearances on WYK. Reminded me of Leo Kottke…
    Who am i thinking of? Was his name Michael?


  105. Lucy Walter Says:

    Are there archives for 2015?


  106. Renee Says:

    Was there a segment about a yule log? Anyone know when that aired? Thanks.


  107. Linda Samplawski Says:

    I’m so happy to find you on the air again! You are the Linus’s blanket of my Saturday’s.


  108. Brent Jones Says:

    Mike, Love you, hope your well. Been a fan since ’96. I was 14 lol Anyhoot, wanted you to know that ALL the shows after 6-1-96 thru to end of year in archive are just blank static. I have been restoring some choice shows. They are badly overmodulated and some of the tapes are bad but it has been a treat to have this trove!


    • dekeberg Says:

      The first show that is just static is actually 6-22-96. I noted that three years ago in a comment on this page. Great trove, agreed!


  109. Martha Hoag Says:

    ♥️ I miss hearing you every Saturday morning.


  110. John Bojemski Says:

    You said it yourself on the first show in national syndication in the former “APHC” timeslot…
    “…I’m NOT Garrison… I’m Michael and this isn’t “APHC”!
    You were right!
    It took a bit of time to get used to “WYK” and your style of humor but your QUICKLY won us “Public Radio” addicts over and MOST of us stuck with you until YOUR show ended its run here in the NYC area.
    I’m a bit of a “geezer” (Tail end BABY BOOMER) so I’m just learning to navigate these new “smart” things we’re all supposed to use to communicate with each other these days.
    I was delighted to find your show, like almost EVERYTHING else is archived and available for “CALL UP” now! I’m looking forward to clicking away on your “links” to hear them again.
    So sorry to learn of the passing of your longtime announcer JIM PACKARD. He was a real professional! Your bandleader “Jeff” Tolin and his musical numbers were always a highlight and fun to hear each week too!
    Hope you’ll return to your LIVE show again. Perhaps even for a limited run “tour” or one shot “reunion” broadcast.
    Either way? Thanks for the hours of enjoyable listening you provided! Being a native NYer (Bronx born) both your show and Garrison Keillor’s gave a window and gave people like me a peek into a culture, a part of our great and oh so varied nation which I probably NEVER would’ve been exposed to otherwise.
    Best of wishes to you and good luck in ALL your ventures.
    Yours Sincerely,


  111. Daryl Says:

    Jennifer (my better half) and I saw you at the State theater in Minneapolis in the early’90’s where one of your contestants started singing‘feelings….’. A great show. Thank you!!!


  112. Madison Says:

    Hi, will 2008 be published at some point?


  113. Tom Says:

    Please the profanity and obsenity out of your podcast. you will have a larges audience. you are funny without it.


  114. Tom Rothrock Says:

    MF: a bit of ‘all the news that isn’t’ from here in Colorado. Glad that you covered the event before its untimely demise.


  115. Mark Says:

    I used to listen to your show every Saturday. Thanks for keeping this archive online!


  116. Jeff Decker Says:

    Hello, the archives for 97 and 98 seem incomplete. My girlfriend was an audience guest and I’d like to find her episode. Can you please help? Please email any response.


  117. Aaron Says:

    Glad I caught your post with the link to this site!


  118. Jane Sellman Says:

    I didn’t know the show was still around. One of my favorite Things to do was listen to this show every week.


  119. Fred Says:

    why did the archive site get cancelled? is there any other way to listen to past shows?
    Thankyou. I really miss them.


  120. Dog Meat Says:

    Good thing I downloaded these!


  121. Everett Bole Says:

    What happened. Just went to the site for my weekly fix of Michael and got a “This account is cancelled” message. Are the archived shows available anywhere else?


  122. Ed Says:

    I didn’t realize they could be downloaded. Darn!


  123. Craig Sigeti Says:

    What has happened to the archives?


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