Ben Sidran is Sidran Sequestered live on Whad’ya Know!

Ben Sidran is Sidran Sequestered

Live on Whad’ya Know!

The doctor is in lockdown but still groovin’!

Ben Sidran joins us on Whad’ya Know

through the miracle of the telephone–

Ben is using what might be down time for the rest of us

to lasso some space cowboy changes

into a wild new cadence–

And I’m not just sayin’ that–

Sidran Sequestered

Live and kickin’ it this Saturday at 10 am CDT

Anytime on Whad’ya Know Podcast

@iTunes &

                    The Doctor is In!


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One Comment on “Ben Sidran is Sidran Sequestered live on Whad’ya Know!”

  1. Dean Pietro Says:

    Loyal Fan Question.

    When the show is live on this Saturday.3/28/20 How do I listen to it promptly at 10? I’ve got Whad’ya Know saved as a favorite on my podcast app. As well as saved on my home screen-Whad’ya Know. Net

    I’d like to recreate all those years of listening and coming to the many GREAT shows at Monona Terrace.

    I think I’ve almost got this maze figured out😬So close🤯

    Really miss the live shows. Our son Dominick /Teavana was lucky enough to get up on stage with you a couple of times!

    What’s Jeff & John doing theses days? They were the best!

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