Johnny B Sieger coming to A House of A Guy’s Own!

From Chalet on the Alley to A House of A Guys Own!

Yes! My possibly best friend if not soul-mate Johnny B. Sieger will grace our back door portal on February 8, double-twenty!

Johnny Unplugged as it were, a good thing since we ain’t got no spittoon! Seriously, though, he doesn’t chew.

John’s new one with the Semi-Twangs is Kenosha is an instant classic, beginning with the title song confessional, through the self-analytical My Mind is Weak, the new directional Things are Going South and the very Milwaukee-ish (and I grew up a Milwaukee alley troll) Chalet on the Alley

We can seat up to a dozen comfortably, maybe 13 or 14 in a squeeze, so get there by 9: 57 am on 2/8 for a more-than-likely- seat.  Mr Sieger will take requests written on the back of a 20 dollar bill, no confeds please.

Should you only come out on facebook, zone in to 

Got buds?  Pop ’em in for Whad’ya Know Podcast on @iTunes later that same day.


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  1. Michael Palazzola Says:

    Sieger at Feldman’s is always a great show. I can’t make it to the great white north this weekend. So I hope to see some of the event on Facebook LIVE


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