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Let’s Get It On to 150, 160

April 25, 2016

Pretty much says it all–the catch is you’ve got to walk 10,000 steps a day while doing it, says Dr Oz’s Dr, Michael Roizen, MD, longevity guru and wellness expert.

As heard on Whad’ya Know, April 23, 2016, from beautiful downtown Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.

5 Days in the Life of Michael Feldman Circa 1998

April 6, 2016

5 days Michael Feldmanjpg021

Not the Head of WPR Becky Belle’s Four Disclaimers

April 5, 2016

While it seemed for a moment we had turned the corner on this Whad’ya Know End of Days thing, as it turns out Becky Belle is not the head of Wisconsin Public Radio. Should have know it when she threw in cost of living. From 4-2-16,

The Four Disclaimers.



From Whad’ya Know 4-2-16 Vivien’s Robocall

April 4, 2016

Business metaphor. Isolated on white

Bernie Campaigns at Kenosha Rambler and All the News That Isn’t

April 4, 2016



Cruz embraces Walker as Palin Looks on, while Kourtney catches Kendall in bed with Scott, today on Hookin’ Up!


Wisconsin besieged with idiots not from around here spouting nothings, aka the primary.

Exactly the wrong way to reach Badgers, the right way being:

–How’s it goin’?

–Not too bad.

–OK then.

Above all, candidates should not mention their names, since in the Badger state we don’t like to draw attention to ourselves.


It’s the battle for the soul of the Republican Party–so, kids, get out your electron microscopes!


State Department hands off Hillary emails to FBI for end run around nomination.


FBI rebrands as FBBD–Federal Bureau of Back Doors.


This just in from Narnia: Slack, a Leading Unicorn, Racks Up 20 Million in Funding.


Most successful rollout ever for a non-existent car –275,000 preorders for the Tesla to Nowhere.


Viagra for women not working, focus now turns to finding something to combat Viagra for men.


California increases minimum wage to $15. an hour–Tijuana an instant ciudad muerto (ghost town).



So far one guy from Kansas met with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, but that was just to give him directions: quick turn to the right past the railroad tracks where the silo used to be.


Obama offer to tango with Hillary turned down. In fairness, the President offered to tango with Bernie as well.


Georgia governor vetoes ‘religious freedom law’ as deceptive advertising.


Court in India rules that a wife’s ‘fat-elephant’ taunt to her husband is grounds for divorce.

Wife calls you a fat elephant here just grounds for Spanx.


You know, an ex hijacks an airliner just for one last crack at me, I’d give it a rethink.


In Wisconsin Primary News That Isn’t:

Hillary hoists her first beer in La Crosse then puts away 5 more because that’s just the way things are going.

Bernie Sanders in Kenosha fails to meet workers at the gate of the Rambler plant.

Ted Cruz rally at God is Not Dead 2, Marcus Theaters, Waukesha.

After chilly reception in state, Donald Trump hovering over event in Green Bay, and

No one cares where John Kasich is.


That’s All the News That Isn’t


m update–

April 3, 2016

It’s not so bad–once a week I have to go down to unemployment and look for work in my field: quizmaster