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Sepp Blatter Anagrams

May 29, 2015


Battlers Pep      images

Battler Peps
Tablets Prep
Battles Prep
Tablet Preps
Battle Preps
Tappers Belt
Tapper Blest
Tapper Belts
Lab Prep Stet
Lab Prep Test
Lab Strep Pet
Lab Pert Step
Lab Pert Pets
Lab Pert Pest
Alb Prep Stet
Alb Prep Test
Alb Strep Pet
Alb Pert Step
Alb Pert Pets
Alb Pert Pest
Slab Pert Pet
Albs Pert Pet
Labs Pert Pet
Blast Per Pet
Blast Rep Pet
Bra Pelts Pet
Bra Slept Pet
Bra Spelt Pet
Bra Pelt Step
Bra Pelt Pets
Bra Pelt Pest
Bra Lept Step
Bra Lept Pets
Bra Lept Pest
Bar Pelts Pet
Bar Slept Pet
Bar Spelt Pet
Bar Pelt Step
Bar Pelt Pets
Bar Pelt Pest
Bar Lept Step
Bar Lept Pets
Bar Lept Pest
Bras Pelt Pet
Bras Lept Pet
Bars Pelt Pet
Bars Lept Pet
Brats Let Pep
Brat Lets Pep
Brat Lest Pep
Brat Let Peps
Abs Pelt Pert
Abs Lept Pert
Bast Pelt Per
Bast Pelt Rep
Bast Lept Per
Bast Lept Rep
Bast Let Prep
Bats Pelt Per
Bats Pelt Rep
Bats Lept Per
Bats Lept Rep
Bats Let Prep
Stab Pelt Per
Stab Pelt Rep
Stab Lept Per
Stab Lept Rep
Stab Let Prep
Tabs Pelt Per
Tabs Pelt Rep
Tabs Lept Per
Tabs Lept Rep
Tabs Let Prep
Bat Pelts Per
Bat Pelts Rep
Bat Slept Per
Bat Slept Rep
Bat Spelt Per
Bat Spelt Rep
Bat Pelt Reps
Bat Lept Reps
Bat Lets Prep
Bat Lest Prep
Bat Let Preps
Tab Pelts Per
Tab Pelts Rep
Tab Slept Per
Tab Slept Rep
Tab Spelt Per
Tab Spelt Rep
Tab Pelt Reps
Tab Lept Reps
Tab Lets Prep
Tab Lest Prep
Tab Let Preps
Pal Bets Pert
Pal Best Pert
Pal Bet Strep
Alp Bets Pert
Alp Best Pert
Alp Bet Strep
Lap Bets Pert
Lap Best Pert
Lap Bet Strep
Slap Bet Pert
Alps Bet Pert
Laps Bet Pert
Pals Bet Pert
Plats Be Pert
Plats Bet Per
Plats Bet Rep
Splat Be Pert
Splat Bet Per
Splat Bet Rep
Plat Be Strep
Plat Bets Per
Plat Bets Rep
Plat Best Per
Plat Best Rep
Plat Bet Reps
Last Bet Prep
Salt Bet Prep
Slat Bet Prep
Pa Blest Pert
Pa Belts Pert
Pa Belt Strep
Pap Belt Rest
Pap Belt Erst
Rap Blest Pet
Rap Belts Pet
Rap Belt Step
Rap Belt Pets
Rap Belt Pest
Rap Bets Pelt
Rap Bets Lept
Rap Best Pelt
Rap Best Lept
Rap Bet Pelts
Rap Bet Slept
Rap Bet Spelt
Par Blest Pet
Par Belts Pet
Par Belt Step
Par Belt Pets
Par Belt Pest
Par Bets Pelt
Par Bets Lept
Par Best Pelt
Par Best Lept
Par Bet Pelts
Par Bet Slept
Par Bet Spelt
Spar Belt Pet
Spar Bet Pelt
Spar Bet Lept
Rasp Belt Pet
Rasp Bet Pelt
Rasp Bet Lept
Raps Belt Pet
Raps Bet Pelt
Raps Bet Lept
Pars Belt Pet
Pars Bet Pelt
Pars Bet Lept
Tarps Be Pelt
Tarps Be Lept
Strap Be Pelt
Strap Be Lept
Sprat Be Pelt
Sprat Be Lept
Traps Be Pelt
Traps Be Lept
Parts Be Pelt
Parts Be Lept
Tarp Be Pelts
Tarp Be Slept
Tarp Be Spelt
Rapt Be Pelts
Rapt Be Slept
Rapt Be Spelt
Trap Be Pelts
Trap Be Slept
Trap Be Spelt
Part Be Pelts
Part Be Slept
Part Be Spelt
Pas Belt Pert
Spa Belt Pert
Asp Belt Pert
Sap Belt Pert
Pats Belt Per
Pats Belt Rep
Past Belt Per
Past Belt Rep
Spat Belt Per
Spat Belt Rep
Taps Belt Per
Taps Belt Rep
Tap Blest Per
Tap Blest Rep
Tap Belts Per
Tap Belts Rep
Tap Belt Reps
Apt Blest Per
Apt Blest Rep
Apt Belts Per
Apt Belts Rep
Apt Belt Reps
Pat Blest Per
Pat Blest Rep
Pat Belts Per
Pat Belts Rep
Pat Belt Reps
Tars Belt Pep
Arts Belt Pep
Rats Belt Pep
Star Belt Pep
Tsar Belt Pep
Rat Blest Pep
Rat Belts Pep
Rat Belt Peps
Art Blest Pep
Art Belts Pep
Art Belt Peps
Tar Blest Pep
Tar Belts Pep
Tar Belt Peps
Sat Belt Prep
At Blest Prep
At Belts Prep
At Belt Preps

Hillary LinkedOut

May 26, 2015

Hillary LinkedOut
Hillary Clinton says she’s joined LinkedIn, presumably in case another sure thing stumbles and falls at the gate. Only she hasn’t joined: I give you all the Hillary Clintons currently active on LinkedIn:

–Hillary Clinton, Warner Music Group
—    ”            ”  Owner, Foaming Concepts
—    ”            ”  Commander, Seals Structuring Seals (?)
—    ”            ”  Health, Wellness & Fitness
—    ”            ”  Mechanic, Ford Motor Company
—    ”            ”  Ms.
—    ”            ”  Fine Art

I checked, and Foaming Concepts is not her, could not get a feel for what a Commander at Seals Structuring Seals might command (so have written it off as something, personally, worth retiring into) chuckled at Ford mechanic, Health, Wellness Fitness, Ms., and Fine Art, and that’s all she wrote. You may think, “Hillary, well, she’s probably exclusive, or some kind of premium listing,” but, you should know, you’d have no trouble reaching Sarah Palin with pretty much any kind of offer if the money’s there.

More than a little amused speculation as to why Hillary, or anybody else, would join LinkedIn, but perhaps one should ask who wouldn’t since who isn’t LinkedIn–not Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani, Rand Paul and Karl Rove.  No Al Gore, unless it’s the senior IT guy at the American Red Cross, is not, but that’s just the way things are going for Al. So, and at any rate, Hillary is in good if not stellar company, or will be once her application to LinkedIn is vetted by the Select Benghazi Committee.
BONUS! To date, hc2 here’s the only Hillary Clinton you might like to LinkIn:


My Red Letterman Day

May 18, 2015

Only a couple of days left for a callback for Letterman–to up the ante, here’s what happened the first–and only–time.File0002File0004

George Zimmerman Shot in Head So He’s Fine and All the News That Isn’t

May 18, 2015


At the University of Wisconsin commencement Katie Couric pleads with future Epic workers who will soon have complete access to her colorectal files.
Mitt Romney lasts 2 against Evander Holyfield, next up: Romney v Mayweather.
Financial analysts give Floyd slight advantage.

Hillary drops Bill from ticket.

Beating the Bushes for Iraq:
Jeb Bush would have invaded Iraq
Neil bush says he’s in
Dorothy Bush a big yes
Robin Bush: I’m there
Marvin wouldn’t miss it for the world
Kyle Busch–‘a no-brainer’
Reggie Bush, as long as he doesn’t have to go
Billy Bush if he can take his La Crosse stick
Rapper Sammie Bush all up in it
Russian porn star Helena Bush, a couple of big ‘da’s!
Kristen Bush who played Rachel in Good Wife needs the work
And Johnny Bush already has written the fight song to the tune of “What Made Milwaukee Famous.”

George Zimmerman shot in the head so he’ll be fine.

Verizon buys AOL to own the cell dial-up market. You’ve got meh.
Tom Brady looks like he’s had all the air squeezed out of . . . . . . him.
At least he’ll have some time for a needy supermodel wife.

Increasing number of Americans do not pickup when Jesus calling.

Only 11 accidents so far with driverless cars, but all the result of driverless road rage.
Many of what were thought driverless cars actually urban youth low-riding.
Personally, I’m waiting for the self-insuring car.

Vatican recognizes Palestine will establish gift shop.

Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold will try to recover his Senate seat, but can’t decide on leather or something a little more breathable.
Would you really want a seat Ron Johnson’s been sitting in for 5 years?

With the departure of Harry Shearer on the Simpsons, Charles Koch will voice Mr. Burns and David Koch Smithers.
Donald Trump is God.
And, a surprise pick, Bill Cosby is the new Principal Skinner.

Exercise gives the elderly another 5 years, but for what?

Even Bad coffee is good for you.
But if you’re drinking too much coffee, take pro-oxidants.

Rick Perry has until June 4th to find his glasses for a really big announcement.

Ramadi Province in Iraq now red state.

Political analysts say Syria Isis takeout equivalent of getting the lesser Koch brother.

Russian rocket with a Mexican satellite crashes in Siberia.
Would’ve though a Russian Rocket with a Mexican satellite was a sure bet.
Nice to know all those missiles pointed at us would’ve fallen on themselves.

President Obama calls a Gulf Summit and only two guys from Gulfport show up.
GOP says President Obama denying grenade launchers to local police grounds for impeachment.

Former Governor Scott Walker denied visa upon return to Wisconsin.
Fortunately found a place in the barn for him in near Keokuk.

Thanks to concussions all is forgiven between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

In Wisconsin, big Walker cuts partially restored for manure runoff and Wisconsin Public Broadcasting.
Wasn’t too bad here–only cut the ‘l’ out of Public Radio ,. .

That’s All the News That Isn’troad_ready_small

New England Patriot Act and All the News That Isn’t

May 11, 2015


Patriot Act now New England Patriot Act: you can collect a guy’s data but you can’t deflate a guy’s balls.

Announcing his candidacy, Mike Huckabee vows to plant the double-wide in Michelle’s veggie garden.

Hey, neighbors, y’all hold your next offensive event at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, and we’ll throw in the perimeter defense at no cost to y’all.

Galaxy 13 billion light-years away hardly worth thinking about.

Next up on Bravo: on ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout My Jenneration’–Kim tries to understand; Kylie’s lips, Bruce’s everything; and Kaitlyn B Jenner’s epic first Mother’s Day.

Apple Watch gives enthusiasts lover’s rash.

Floyd Mayweather wants 200 million to fight a two-armed fighter.

Winning UK Prime Minister Cameron’s call for a Greater Britain brings calls for a Uniteder States and a Democraticer Peoples Republicer of Korea.
With a Kim Jonger Un.

Whole Foods aims for the Millennials with Lowered Expectations Foods.

Self-driving big rig semi tractors will intermittently eject 2 liter soda bottles of urine on Interstate shoulders.

Unfortunately, the stabbed, robbed pizza guy took 31 minutes to get there, so, on top of everything else, the pizza was free.

Brewers first team in majors to lose 20, but, heck, played almost 30.

Clinton Heifer Foundation under scrutiny.

Alberta is a province in Canada.

With only one year of high school Spanish (and that at Delavan-Darien) Scott Walker falls behind Rubio and Cruz into tres place for nomination.

So, Rubio gets a Miami Dolphins cheerleader wife and to be President? Ay yi yi yi!

That’s All the News That Isn’tdownload

Ultron Deodorant and All the News That Isn’t

May 4, 2015


NASA spacecraft collides with Mercury–Obama blamed.
Before obliterating against Mercury the craft provided valuable data showing the planet was straight ahead.
NASA plans future target shooting at all 8 planets, Pluto, and you mother’s house.

Best headline of NFL draft, LA Times: “Jameis Winston breaks out crab legs after getting Number One.”
I like “Jameis Is!”

Tesla wants to sell you batteries for your house but I’m sticking with the wind-up key.

Consumer sediment is up. Sentiment.
Not a real sentimental consumer–I consume with abandon.

Avengers: Age of Ultron not about a really big deodorant.

Milwaukee Bucks rhymed by the Bulls.
Well, they put up a good fight except when it counted.

On this episode of “Rich Guy’s Rockets,” Jeff Bezos homes in on Elon Musk’s rocket, while Richard Branson crosses rockets with Kim Jong Un.

Anonymous messaging app Secret shuts down with an unprintable text. Don’t know from who.

Father of our country indicted in George Washington Bridge Case.

Bernie Sanders out to make Bernie Sanders sound presidential.
So liberal he makes his opponent look like Hilla the Hun.
Really most of the Hillary/Bernie policy differences are fashion policy. And not many of those.

Donald Trump took the new double-chin drug and eliminated his head.
Just that silly toupee on his neck.

Brewers this close to shooting the dog.

Polls show most Americans approve of drone strikes on neighbors they don’t care for providing their name doesn’t come up.

Another poll indicates that half of all Americans would call in a drone strike on themselves if it were Amazon Prime.

Slumping McDonalds completely rethinks its menu with McHaggis.
Because old McDonald used everything.
McHaggis shake–once you get used to the color and smell, you’ll never drink anything else.

The Obama Library, long overdue, goes to Chicago’s Hoffman Estates O’Hare approach.
Homeowners only too happy to make way.
Highlight will be a holographic drone targeting game, Drone On and On.

Jeb Bush so far has kept off the weight by avoiding native dishes like rice & beans and chorizo.
Eventually he will return to looking much more like Barbara than George Sr.

This note from the bottom of the presidential declaration form: * Limit 2 presidencies per family.

Millennials favor Hillary Clinton for President but Rand Paul for disc golf.

Most of the questions from the Supreme Court Justices on same-sex marriage centered on how the honeymoon worked.

Scott Walker has been on the campaign trail so long he had to apply for a visa to return to Wisconsin.
Because of his immigration policies, it’s no sure thing.

Duchess Kate gives birth to a Duchette.

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . . 1414042509311_Image_galleryImage_Marvel_s_Avengers_Age_of_